Thursday 14 November 2013

More Terrible Tigers

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Arnold wrote some fine Tigers.
Tiger being a short hand here for an organism evolved to specifically to exploit our, homo sapians , weaknesses. Click that link already

Anyway I totally asked him about doing some Tigers and he was like "yeah do it"
and now there are more Tigers

Nix Cat:
Nix cat's have long weird tails with a indistinct lure on the end. They have long pointy faces like ant eaters and quietly cough bone disks out to bleed you dry. The thing about them is , if they can see you face , they know exactly where your blind spot is. And that is where they will crouch. The lure however will indistinctly and badly hide right in front of you , always not quite identifiable, rustling behind a bush but , always darting out of your reach , while off to the side the Nix cat almost politely coughs another disc across your throat.
The discs are fast and curve in flight as to confuse the position of the cat.

Pitch Toad:
A black greasy looking toad, somewhat like a leech. It will savage your face or an ankle and then quickly hop away. The bite alone is not fatal, but your chemistry will now be altered. 3 hours later you will admit a smell that will drive all domestic animals to murder and consume you. You flesh will be poison to them. They will die and stink and then the toads will quietly come in their hundreds to feast on the carrion.

Booggedy Eel:
An eel which lurks at the black depths of desolate lake. The more you have heard about it the stronger it is. It will selectively leave survivors to spread stories about it, drawing curiosity seekers. When it gets to a certain size , it spawns (asexually) and dies, the juvenile Booggedy Eels crawling over land to find lakes, loch and fens of their own.

A devious variant of the mimic. Pretends to be treasure. Keeps pretending to be treasure all the way back to town, and stays pretending to be treasure until it is sold and alone with someone. Devours them, then makes it look like a break in. Takes off with the treasure and hides with it in some others creatures lair. So beware of treasure hoards in the lairs of creatures with no reason to have them.
A Snits natural form is that of bipedal , starved looking pig thing, with club like hands and a lazy smile.

Quarrelly Bug:
Like a earwig. It sneaks and tucks itself away in your repository canal. The male makes you miss hear things. The female makes you miss say things. They come out to breed and lay their eggs when there is nice pile of corpses , like those generated from a diplomatic mishap.
So watch out for unexplained battlefields.

Gable Giant:
Not much bigger than a man, gray, with long limbs and a great gullet. A soft footed , agile thing, crouching in the alcoves and byways of the joinings of roofs and steeples.
It it eats people of course, but to maintain its survival , it tries to eat people that wouldn't be immediately missed. So generally tourists. It can tell a tourist for they look up far more than the embattled city goers. From there it gets their attention, by contorting its body into shadows suggesting of noteworthy architectural strangeness , that can't quite be seen, but perhaps, from this side street the view would be better, no that is not right, maybe its a minaret, seemingly accessible from this alley?

False Drummer:
In times of war, drummer boys will go from town to town , recruiting brave youths to fight for their kingdom. Some however, are actually giant crickets in disguise and their hypnotic rhythms , once out of town, will cause a panicked rush to follow the false drummer straight off a cliff.  
Hence the superstition about it is unlucky to join the army in the twilight, for those that do , join doomed regiments, never to make it home.
It would be more helpful if the superstition was "Giant insects can pass as human if the light isn't so great"

Lantern Spider:
It's a spider that builds upon its back the shapes of web and stick and old cloth, the shapes of conspirators muttering and digging , in the black night.
It waves about its glowing ended limbs to make lanterns , and gnashes its fangs with a steel like clang , to complete the illusion of robbers burying treasure.
It will then bury itself, while making as if the lanterns are fading into the distance, and wait for the curious (and greedy) onlooker, it so carefully lured early with bobbing lights.
When the onlooker comes a digging , only the spider is their to drag them underneath the soil. And people are not prone to tell others that they are off to seek buried treasure.


  1. I <3 the gable giant and the pitch toad. Also nothing about the Nix Cat sounds very catty, except for the part about wanting to politely kill you.

    The toad reminds me of Stink Bomb. There were some good poison clouds in that movie.

    1. It's called the Nix cat because the discoverer of the Nix cat had the type of imagination that has given us such nomenclature as the pineapple