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grab bag of symboitical armour mechanics

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF I had all this mechanics in mind and I was going to have each type of mechanic for each one but all of them seemed to fit and each seemed to suggest taking it another way so I just decided to put this out as a pick and mix post of problems , limitations and etcs of having things growing on you.


skim healings it wants a cut: 1 point of every die of healing or amount of healing goes to the symbiote

it has cravings: when ever a die of healing rolls a 4, all of that die goes to symboite

it gets paid first: 1 point per level of healing need to go the symboite before you start getting the benefits

Eat more: either by leeching nutrients from you directly or by via a mouth of its own your food bills are going up. Specifically through one of the following options

 twice as much : if you keep track of that sort of thing. Tick off 2 rations every time you eat, and pay twice as much for meals. Because you are eating for two! awww!

twice as often :
your stomach isn't any bigger but you sure burn through food fast. You need 6 meals a day and a day counts as two days for starving damage.

you need top quality ingredients or fresh food or obscure meats or whatever. You can never be (nutritional) satisfied with the cheap option and must always choice the expensive option. Eating random things that are obscure and food has 50/50 chance of satisfying you. ( Say, goblin steaks. only roll when first tried)
Eating random things that are not really considered food exactly has a 1 in 6 chance of satisfying you . (again roll only the first time it is tried. Gives no additional resistance to poison or disease but does allow you digest the formally indigestible)

Usurper: it wants to make some of the decisions. This can be just a triggered compulsion or a continual campaign to get some more say/ completely takeover.

Shareholder takeover: this is the one I had mentioned for fungal armour. It works with the symboite having some healing or hitpoints it can offer you. Keep a running total of how much hitpoints you have got of the symboite in this. That is your percentage chance the symboite will usurp at end of session. A harsh option is the loss of character permanently or temporarily or a forced quest for the symboites weird goals. Another option is the additional of a Compulsion , or a Goal  or anything else below

Compulsions:  when the opportunity arises you must save or do this thing. If you fail 3 saves you always do this.
  • Lick Corpses
  • Deny its existence
  • avoid populated areas
  • evangelically discuss the benefits of the symboite
  • Piss in food , secretly
  • Immerse yourself in water
  • spit in the mouths of unattended children

Scooby Doo:
YOu now have a morale  score like a monster. This acts as a normal morale score, failing it means the symboite has taken over and is protecting its investment with dire cowardice.

it's now hooked up to your vitals. Killing the symboite results in 1d4 major organs failing.

Goals/Plans for you: The symboite has dreams you know? This might manifest as a geas if prolonged too long or you are usurped (as above)

Corpse Harvest: when you die , it will immediately convert your body to a fruiting body or as fuel for another stage of its life.

Travel: It needs to go to a particular far away location

Infection: It wants access to a water supply that provides water to atleast 2000 intelligent beings

Cult: It wants a social organization of some kind to be growing more of its kind and preparing hosts

Hushing: It wants the knowledge of its kind's existence to be destroyed

Disinformation Campaign: it wants all kinds of wild rumours spread until no-one is sure exactly what is true about it

 Exp options:
  • Bonus exp in any session that advance towards  the goals of the symboite
  • Penalty exp in any session in which you don't

It ain't heavy:
You may assign exp to it like a henchmen to increase its power.

if exposed to these its powers are suppressed and/or you and it take damage. This might be a good thing if you want to dislodge it.

  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Alcohol 
  • Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius
  • Temperatures below freezing
  •  Direct Sunlight

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