Saturday 22 February 2014

Her Loose Materials

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So the previous post was some mechanics loosely aligned with character races.

There was an evocative title but not much else. I was going to built on it because I often start these blog posts with a vague idea and start writing to see what happens.

This time I decided to leave the shadow of a skeleton or whatever.

THEN it gave me an idea for blog game. Basically you take those Kinds (or this other bunch of mechanics that will slouch in at the bottom of this post) and built on it whatever descriptions , fluff, back story, explains, emergent mechanics , elaborations , concept art etc, that you see fit.

Then I include a link here whenever that happens and I don't know SPIRITUAL PROFIT or something.

I inserted my feelers into g+ to see if there was interest and there was, and now these people are AHEAD OF THE GAMe (though this mission is not time sensitive. If you do it way later and show me I'll put a shout out about it back here and on the most recent post I do):
(also if haven't explored this blog before you should because it is quality)

C├ędric Plante
drew some starting items based on this theme?

Wil Mckinne
wrote this on the original g+ post

"I think that the people who hack..

Always take the path of most-resistance. Like, too Compelled towards processing through a situation. People who have lots of self-convinced 'short-cuts', that are somewhat creative and occasionally brilliant but are generally just overbearing and arduous when put into action.

Like, might be able to easily disarm a complex trap after studying it, but requires a STR check for opening a door that's unlocked, because the door has to be pulled and not pushed."


1: take a reroll on a d20 roll.  Make a note of the number you rolled before the reroll.
If you roll this again something happens.
You must use the new number from the reroll.

2: as above  but you may choose to use either roll , but if you use the reroll ,  make a note of the number on the reroll. If you roll it again , something happens.

3. Make a stat check on anothers behalf. They will then have to accept something of yours.

4. You are a catalyst

5. teleportation kills and reincarnates

6. your density is effected the waxing and waning of the moon


  1. If my equipment drawing is too out of place or confusing, feel free to ignore it. :)
    I was just brainstorming with drawings.

    1. Cedric - the drawings are lovely, thanks for sharing them.

    2. Thanks. I wanted that the equipment purpose was not clearly defined so that someone else could appropriate the drawing to make something with it.

      Leaving open doors so that other can add up stuff to our contributions seem fun.

  2. I used a black bacground in the case that you wanted to post them here. But I think I will rework them and add more stuff to post them on my blog.

    I was also thinking of drawing random lists of faces, hearts and hands (and maybe other body parts). Don't quite know why, it seem to work with the random equipment thing.

  3. Re: Teleportation killing and reincarnating. China Mieville does this brilliantly in Kraken. The teleporter is haunted by a burgeoning multitude of his own ghosts.