Saturday 2 August 2014

You are all lucky I just don't write about trees UPDATED PICTURES

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Seriously is there a difference between the cones of Cedrus libani and Cedrus deodora ? One book describes the cones of deodora being flattened on the top and libani tapering? But I'm finding it hard to get a good visual comparison. Other than some cones I had lying around but I'm not even what sure what tree I got them from and need a few to make sure it's not the cones just don't vary on the individual.
And both Cedars like to hold on to their cones and let them fall apart attached and deodora often don't have cones. Apparently.

Deodara have longer , softer needles and less per spray than the libani but can be pretty subjective.

Me and Patrick put a adventure module. Well he did all the writing , Alex Mayo did the final layout and Zzarchov patroned it. I did the pictures and gave feedback and ideas . (also here is the trailer. I did the music for it. Well okay I extensively sampled Wendy Carlos . Anyway:

It's sad and packed with things.

Here is reviews that very much liked it:

Here are some reviews that also point things that we did not do well, because I like being straight up around here:

Anyway my life is somewhat chaotic and internet access is sporadic again. People are still lying around my friends though. Or deciding that sexism/transphobia/gay hate are such trivial things that you should use them to smear people who play games you don't like or just don't argue nice enough with you.  Fuck those people.

I have noticed that some people are now saying that Zak mainly targets marginalized people for arguing. This is very funny, because Zak argues with so many dudes. Like white nerdy dudes. That are like blah blah objective game design or someshit. There is much arguing. Zak is like "oh did you know people think like this? Here is me finding out how they think by arguing with entire forum of White Nerd Dude Authority".  SO many arguements. All the time. You have no idea about all the arguing. Anyway that is one of the top 3 or 4 untrue things about Zak that have been said.
 I hate forums. I hate white nerd dude authority too. White nerd dudes seem to like them so they can argue about objective game design or some shit

Fuck anyone sending threats as well btw incase you thought I was endorsing that by not saying that. Hahaha that would be crazy for you to think that right?

Anyway here is unused pictures for DCO:

and here is some developmental sketches

and this is a lego model I made of the chair so I could do a indecipherable sketch of it for the cover