Tuesday 19 August 2014

the monsters they climb into each other part 2

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF So I did that previous post and then I thought of more.

Okay so jellyfish have  a some what complicated life cycle with various stages appearing like completely different animals and some having a colony stage of life there as well.
So that's some food for thought there. Monsters that turn into other monsters or monsters that break bits off themselves which then have independent existence until/or than/they form a colony organism which is a different monster. Sooo lets say snakes are actually the motile sex organs of Medusa (a flowering stage) and search out new locations , have sex and make more snakes, but if conditions are very hostile to snakes they combine together to make a hydra , or if a snake finds a suitable place for forming a medusa , then it starts turning into a medusa.

our souls could be a colony organism and the talking and culture we do is the sex / infomation exchange (not be confused with the sex the partially hijacked monkey body does*) but on death the individual astral organisms that make up a soul fly off and some of them clump together (possibly with other soul cells from a complete different soul colony ) to take on other  forms of life. For the bits of the soul responsible for anger form a colony organism know as wraith. Ghosts are formed from the parts of the soul responsible for nostalgia and emotional connection to places.
Other astral , intangible or undead monsters can be crudely shoehorned or reskined however you want to make up this metaphysics (Chinese and  Egyptian concepts recommended for a read).
Also this blog post

*but really that monkey is driving, you are bad at hijacking soul colony organism, I guess they get ideas out of everything the monkey does, maybe the monkey is your soul colonys form of gene shuffling?

And  here is a  combiner monster(s):

Gulp are a huge (could eat a couple of camels beside each other) ray like thing but more stomach than ray. Like great leather bag with 2 piggy eyes on top most of the time they swoop along canyons and rocky mountain passes , flattened like a single bat wing then snapping opening to swallow whole a goat or blind pilgrim. They can't really fly with something in their stomach but can glide which they will do to a crack or cavelet unassailable by ground and proceed to quickly vacuum seal themselves around their food, suffocating and preventing all but tiny movements. Imagine being sealed between 2 thick layers of very tensile and  resilient rubber , with not a single gab. Even trying to move your arm near your head pulls against both layers like pulling against a 100 rubber ropes. They  rely on the thichness of their skin and the trapping of the prey to protect them against sharp objects. If they cannot fly they more or less helpless. They are mildy intelligent and have a language that is extremely good at describing geography surface area and wind currents and complicated 3 dimensional structures changing rapidly over time. They have a understanding of local languages as well. They not interested in anything other food and sleeping after food.

Skiz: a white ring with multitudal eyes  and with limbs like origami if origami used bone knives instead of paper. They cheat when they fold themselves , taking up way less or more space than they should.  They can fold round themselves forming something like a bladed worm drill. They use this to insert themselves in a desert trees core. Its limbs , when it wants or needs to jag out the top like a bone crown of scissors. They absorb nutrients from the tree and defend the tree and sometimes ambush life near the tree to fertilize the soil around the tree. They are rarely found outside the tree and are quite intelligent and with a language elegant and  sophisticated for the explaining of spatial properties  and subjective absolutes. Again like the Gulp they pick up local languages easily and will know a few, despite they lack of opptunitys to have done that. They pass their time in a dream like fugue feeding off the tree and will react with violence to anything disturbing this. Though offering anything to help the tree might calm them

Puund: The Punund are like an inch worm but without defined end. They accordion in from a few metres and then stretch out to 15 like a lumpy slinky dressed up like fake rock scenery from a b-grade movie.
They do not eat or sleep. They have not language but their minds overflow with a sense of great hopeful expectation, like an endless near arrival that not quite happens,  that is intoxicating and slightly painful to the contacters. IF they are prevented from travelling at least 10 kilometres  a day they will wither , form a dormant , pale looking thing and waste away within a year. Anyone contacting its mind during this stage will know despair but visions of unlimited possibility.

When  the Skiz or the Gulp are particularly  threatened or hunted or food is desperately scarce, or the Puuund particular is imperiled they will find one another (and they always know where each other are) and they will go together to unerring seek a Puund. When all 3 are together they flow and become one , the Gulp-Skiz-Puund. It looks like mutant terrestrial whale designed by Wayne barlowe and it is brutal , intelligent , and capable of minor alternations of space and time around itself so it can accelerate and turn and squeeze like something its size and mass should not be able to. It will single mindedly move to improve conditions to something tolerable for its parts and then separate.  The minds of the Gulp and Skiz too different to not be painful in union. Being close to the Puuund mind is worse for them however as its never-arriving-joy makes them feel like they could go home again.
For the reason these 3 creatures can form together is their origin is the same , a different aspect of reality where the rules were constantly changing and consciousness and unifying theorys and energy and matter surged in and out of each endless reinventing each other. Some how some of it got sheared off when it past to close to this world and these 3 creatures were the congealate of the exiled material. The Skiz and Gulp can dream an echo of home (which is why their lives are arranged to maximize the time unconscious and blissful) while the Puuund dealt with the shock by giving itself an constant loop of hope and amnesia , endlessly repeating the moment it thought it could leave this place.

 EDIT: Changed the text abit so its obvious there is only one of each, and the Skiz and the Gulp speak something other than their own languages , which they presumedly pick up from dreaming slightly outside reality and seeing the places where language lives as the move past them.


  1. Enjoying this series. Here's some possible inspiration for further things in this vein - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symbion

  2. Also good is hugely divergent sexual dimorphic creatures that merge together. Like snakes are male and when you see them attached to the head of a medusa that is just the fused-fertilized form, like what anglerfish do.