Sunday, 5 October 2014


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF This World is Islands. The island are the top of drowned airtight skyscrapers.
You can play a Iguanoid, cocofolk, Sandhopper, or  Foamling
The classes are Beach Comber, Tamperer, Big Liar, and KingCrab. You seek  to grow your village with modern conveniences and monster flesh

This World is a Very Big Space Ship. It's not entirely real and it travels through peoples dreams and some of them get in.
You can a play a Nemo, Pink Elephant, Shadow, Tooth Fairy
The Classes are Confronter, Sneak, Sniper, Skinthief. You seek safety , survival, and the ejection of Nightmare Castles

This World is Hollow. Cruel star people rule the surface and below is furious squabbles over liquid light and solid heat.
You can a play a Fungoid, Meat-Engine , Coal Elf, or Worms
The Classes are PowerLeech, Mercenary, Bonepicker , or Snuffer
You seek glory, food, secrets and domain

This World is Giant Trees. The world of the dead gnaws at the roots and clouds are predatory too.
You can play a Squibbon,  Cankerlad, Caterpillar, or Parasite-Ape
The Classes are Borer, Glider, Leaper and Chameleon
You seek the skulls of your ancestors, amber and the settling of grim feuds.