Monday 24 April 2017


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF SO YOU WANT A ROOM BY ROOM DEATH LAND IN YOUR CAMPAIGN AND NONE OF THAT PESkY WILDERNESS CRAWL

I mean the Sewer Beneath the City or the Ruined Ward is a classic. Though the Ruined Ward needs more love. Big old chunk of the city all wrecked and full of woe and they just put a fence around it and try and stop people from nicking things. Good times.

Here's some other ideas for the dungeon being some fucking dumb :

1: THE ATTICS AND ROOFS : like those medieval towns where they kept building up until the buildings leaned into each other and then insane birds started building nests ontop and flying ships kept crashing into the pile and now up is bad and another civilization might of even been started up there? 

2. BIG FALLEN OVER WARMACHINES like giant monuments and colossal colossi. They are place around the city , fallen on the city, and buried under the city. They are full of treasure because the crews manning them were like every army ever and loved to loot.

3. DREAMLAND : if you are awake when the city sleeps , it's an alternate city with bad shit everywhere. and LEWD PEARLS OF THE NIGHT

4. CRAWLSPACES: Dungeon is condition like Rising Damp or black mold , but one that makes impossible amounts of space underneath your house or skirting board. Technically the treasure you drag out of there is a fruiting body that spreads spores but no-one has wised up to that yet.

5.  METROTUNNELS: Like big ass underground railways that used to connect citys and overland travel is not an option so everyone is really keen on someone making the trip and clearing them out but you know molochs and shit.

6. THE SKY + MOON : really it's just a big ladder away

7.  MANGROVES + SWAMPS: though it's basically a forest right around a city that's awful to log and has shipwrecks in it.

8. SHIPWRECKTOWN: So many shipwrecks they've formed a solid structure around the little island y'all call home. Variants include it's in space and they are spaceships. 

9. LORD MAYOR MUD: The old city gotten entombed in mud and the new one is just a couple of 100 people sweeping out some tower rooms at the top. The deep river below is emptying out the very bottom levels and things are getting in below too. So it looks like a hourglass if the top bit was some small boxes and the bottom was a wide bottomed triangle

10. THE CITY IS ON A BIG DISC AND THERE'S REVERSE CITY ON THE OTHER SIDE: both citys keep having groups sneak into the other and steal and fight shit. Both citys are mostly wrecked from this. Good one.

11. BIG TREE: it's a big tree , everyone lives up high in the upper branches go down and it's bugs and rot and rotten gods. Pretty sure this is where Chewbacca came from?

12. GOD : he dead and rotting in the middle of town. He's got stuff in him though.


  1. optional coin flip sub tables:
    1 h: tallest building leads to same world but upside down / t: staircases lead up and up and up but don't lead to doors or halls or any other rooms

    2 h: the war machines have fallen in battle and are in a shitty state, less loot / t: the war machines fell in embrace and loving each other, more loot

    3 h: buskers sing sweet lullabies / t: buskers play lullabies but are using small hammers to knock the teeth out of children who've been bad and all the teeth make the right pitches

    4 h: spores birth green gnomes that are wobbly green-sludge filled slime types / t: spores taste like sugar drops but still pretty much fuck you up

    5 h: turns out it's just one circular track and goes nowhere, question existence for d20 days / t: the big bad boss is a train and the big-boss-weak-spots are all the windows. train has wicked good AC til 50% of windows are broken

    6 h: sun but it's black with white solar flares / t: moon but the ladder passes through the center of the moon and the tunnel the ladder goes through is too wide to actually get to the moon for a moon jaunt

    7 h: ships are half buried with the pointy front tips sticking up / t: ships are sideways in the trees and ghosts of the dead people in the boats can be seen banging on portholes and heard banging on the side of the boat; they're choking on ivy and it sounds more like paper crumbling than gurgling drowning

    8 h: leader of this community is many many parrots stacked on top of one another / t: there is no leader and the adventurers show up when everyone is trying to decide on what kind of government they need for a prosperous community

    9 h: the mayor is doing a good job of keeping the couple of 100 people placed around the top of the city to keep the top parts from falling over / t: the mayor is tricking certain people to move around the top of the city so they unbalance the place and send people to mud death

    10 h: the current fight is over which side of the disc is in permanent winter / t: the current fight is over who is actually the top

    11 h: it's fall and there are no leaves and the gods at the bottom scream-in-death the whole time because they are covered in cold wet leaves and cannot feel the sun / t: it is spring and the players have been hired to man various bells around the tree to us about giant bird problems

    12 h: the god is rotting head buried in the sand but the legs are jutting out parallel to the ground in opposite directions and a bad guy wizard is trying to figure out how to spin the body real fast to destroy the town / t: the god is actually stuff with other smaller gods- turns out this town is known for its god hunting and they stuff a big god full of small gods and cook it for the harvest festival. this town has no churches.

  2. Can I steal the Rooftops & Nests idea? That is lowkey pretty genius.

  3. 13. everyone lives in Adventure Town and it's your job to be NORMAL