Thursday, 30 June 2011


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I'm having trouble making anything I resent having an entry in the monster manual. I've since figure out why it had so many "filler" entries was because it was all the stats for stuff from all the previous released stuff jammed together in one helpful tome.
Why the fuck there were so many dinosaurs, I'm not sure.
Anyway, while making the cattle, I was trying out various buttons for eyes, and I put a over sized button on her face and went "oho! I could make it a cyclops cow! I am too droll!"

So yeah... Easily bored, Easily amused is me.   
So some background information, "cyclops" are a real genetic happening, but not a good one like laser beams eyes, a bad one that the inflicted does not survive because the mutation also affects your breathing system, being that your eyes , ears, nose , and mouth  are connected.
Something that causes mutations is a teratogen and "cyclopness" formal name is  cyclopia or cyclopepathy.

Still got the bull to do, trying to make it look like this:

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