Sunday, 19 June 2011


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early 14c., crevis, from O.Fr. crevice "crayfish" (13c., Mod.Fr. écrevisse), probably from Frankish *krebitja or a similar Germanic word that is a dim. form of the root of crab (1); e.g. O.H.G. krebiz "crab, shellfish," Ger. Krebs. Modern spelling is 16c., under influence of fish.

Now you know.
I tried using some decorative stitching on the crayfish's back. Not sure how I feel about it.
I love using zips for insect mouths. The Anhkeg and giant crab also have this done.

Centipede I got well sick of. Just kept looking like a millipede and I glue coated it too early and it made it real difficult to restitch when I realized the antenna was in wrong place.
The legs were by folding and creasing preglued (and dried) fabric (think origami) . This looked too skinny so I wrapped a piece of glue soaked fabric round the legs.
Was it easier than just twisting fabric and sewing it? Maybe...
Baaaaam! PHOTos!

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  1. tizz a cool craefish yo. transformed into a mutante sins i laas sauwit