Sunday, 5 June 2011


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Here is the centaur.
Human faces are fiddly things, probably because they are the first thing we learn to see and all.

Things that occurred to me in the making:
a)PVA is awesome for making weapons, the appearance of any how. Crudely cut out fabric, cover it in pva , press it flat and voila! You have something batshit glam enough for a hong kong world of martial arts comic. Google "weapons of the gods" if you want to know what I'm talking about.
b)If you were a centaur and possessed breasts, you would invent a sports bra pretty damn quick.
c)Its hard to imagine them running if you think too much about it.
Centaurs that is, not sports bras or hong kong batshit glam weapons, like that's a lot of weight just sitting there at the front not really flowing with the motion of the spine and legs.
If the human torso stuck out  at an angle like a ship figure head and/or was really small like a child, it would integrate better with the horse movement. I
t looks really fucking weird though when I tried having the torso leaning forward.
Food for thought anyhow.
d)dreads are the easiest doll hair ever.

Okay that's all. Making the chimera now. Huzzah.

p.s Any got a good suggestion for a name for her?

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