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Old School Hack In A great Murderous land part 2

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part 2 : "The Continuing"

And here is the remaining 6 or 7 guilds.

I am indebted to this compilation here: of which I have extensively reskinned or copied mechanics.

Mystic Prancers

"Back in the good old days when dancing meant exploding"

A magician who instead of magic gestures and grand verbosity, makes do with silence and fancy footwork.

They have dance schools atop hilltops. They are well traveled and well liked, helping people where ever they go. Mystic Prancers who betray or steal from a benefactor risk The Judgement of Boots, which involves high level mystic prancers tracking them down and kick them to death.

HAPPY TRAVELS: When entering a populated area you may make a charm check to know of and find the whereabouts of a friendly face, who will aid you if not too much risk to themselves. The person is generally not of particular wealth or influence, but as you gain levels the might be. Generally assume them to be of equivalent power level to the mystic prancers level -2

IF they can't dance they can't use their talents. They also are obliged to officiate various occasions with special dances if requested by a community.


Shinkickery:(constant) if you successfully impede someone you inflict one wound via viscous toe stomps and shin bootings. I

Skedaddle:(arena) as a focus action dance your way across water without sinking, ice or oil with out slipping, and avoid any foot related hazard

Such Dances! (Rested). Making appropriate dancing for at least 10 minutes, you can evoke

in your audience the desire to fight, sleep, or celebrate. They get +2 to one Commitment roll or one to hit roll in the next hour (can be applied after rolling), or are +2 difficulty to resist falling asleep (Commitment test), or +2 to Charm tests or Brawn rating (for drinking) during a celebration.

St Vitus Dance: (rested) as focus action you being a beguiling dance of bamboozling bewitcherment. Anyone in your arena must succeed in a commitment check or do nothing but dance along with you until the end of the next round. You may continue to dance as long as you yourself succeed in a commitment check after each round of dancing

Impudent Strut: (Arena). Take a focus action doing the most mocking , prideful and sassy of dances, and heal one wound box. Only works if three wound boxes are left uninjured, and if there is someone to impress other than you and yours and your foes.

Level Titles:







“If you drink it, it, by definition, is a drink”

Alchemists who use no laboratory but their own bodies , ingesting every conceivable liquid to combine it inside themselves and then secreted various potent elixirs and magic potions. Part visionarys, part gutter poets, and mostly lushs, Drinklers can vary from ambitious connoisseurs , risk taking scientists, or just plain drunks.
There is no formal training other than conducting your own bizarre drinking experiments. If you happen to survive them, congratulations you are now a drinkler. Some drinklers have a recipe book where they make notes and work out theories. Others just don’t care.


Bowelchemy : You drink all kinds of bizarre stuff and bizarrer stuff happens, for your body is a laboratory, a temple, a brothel, a kitchen and a battle ground. Anything you drink, other than water, evokes strange reactions.
Water no longer counts as water if it has more than 5% of something added to it, unless that thing has a noticeable effect on biological stuff. So water with a drop of poison would need a roll on the table, but water with a drop of lemon juice would not. A glass of water with a tenth of juice in it would however.

You can open throat scull up to 3 litres in one go. Lets say thats about 20 cups.

The normal effects of the liquid do not apply , unless they are instantly dangerous to

touch (like the strongest of poisons, molten metals, boiling water or strong acids). What happens is you flip a coin to choose if you or the d.m picks a verb. In either case the d.m has to determine what mechanical effect that verb has. Say you pick "fly" , the d.m will most likely let you fly briefly , (roll a d6 to determine how many rounds the duration is), "burn" might make you catch fire, "suddenly" might give you an initiative bonus, or make a random monster attack, suddenly.

IF you drink 2 liquids at once, you pick a verb and the d.m picks a noun. (so "Shining Dogs") If you drink 3 liquids at once , you pick a verb, the d.m picks a noun and a random other player picks an adjective. ("Hurt Ghostly Pudding")

If you spend an awesome point you can choose which category of word everyone picks instead.

Everyone reveals/says there word at once. Table talking about what words another player should use will cause the instant loss of all your awesome points and a frowny face.

(note at the end of this post is more mechanically detailed drinkler rules (at for d&dish systems)


arch lush:

You feel compelled to reckless experiment with any and every kind of mood altering, body warping, life threatening liquid possible.


Make Party. (Rested).You can "make party" nearly anywhere. As long as there is room and opportunity to get loud, high, and social (i.e booze , drugs , snacks a plus but not a must, must be able to move around a little) You can help up to 1 person per your Charm count as Rested

in 1 hour.

Belch of the Gods (arena). Those in melee range must pass a Commitment test at or be -2 on all rolls until the end of the next round.

ThunderChunder: (rested). The vast toxic waste dump of your stomach can be violently ejected on someone in your arena , as ranged attack. This does one wound and inflicts on them whatever the last Bowelmechy effect you had was.

Poison the Poisoner (constant) If you have been affected by a poison you may make an attack at the next opportunity where you spit the poison at someone as ranged attack. A succesful hit means they must resist the effects of the poison

Quenchless Thirst (rested) You can temporarily repress you bowelchmical talents and drink a whole bunch of fluid. Like.. a whole bunch. Up to 5 times your body weight infact, causing you to swell up like a balloon. You need to be rolled around to move. This gives you +2 armour class but makes any hit inflict +1 wounds. IF you release this liquid, it is a mighty torrent moving everyone in your way into 2 or 3 arenas a way and prevent them for under taking any actions this round.

Level Titles:
Level2: Inhibitor
Level3: Uninhibitor
Level4: Quaffer


"I think therefore I am"

Mimics of people, who store the impression and impersonations of a 1000 people inside their skulls. Capable of combining these mental fragments to give themselves skills previously unexisting.


Mirrormind: really spookly good at getting in peoples heads. You get a to roll an extra die and discard one, on any check to intimidate, read between the lines, haggle or anything else that can benefit from a razor sharp understanding of how the other thinks.


No-one can ever really tell if you are genuine about anything. Your identity is a vast cloud of possible personalities and this means you are forever outside of people.


Observation: (constant) With a minute of observation of an npc , the d.m must tell you their primary motivation

Somberism:(as Sleep Spell.)Rested. Focus action. You can make your voice take on a somber and restful tone,

making two opponents or any number of minions in your arena that can hear you fall asleep by

making a successful Charm vs. their Commitment(s). They will sleep through any noise, but a good

shake or swift kick is all it takes to wake them.

Inconceivablity:(Rested): Get +2 on a check through the sudden creation of implausible skill. You must come up with a name and the description of this skill on the spot. You can never use the same skill twice. Example you are trying to throw a rope over a evil horses neck, you declare that you are temperequiliratioism, a scholar of the ratios between a horses temperate and neck size, and thus have a crystal clear understanding of the exact position of the horses neck

Mimicry:(Rested): Take a focus action and spend an awesome point. If anyone uses a talent in this round you can also use it to when your focus action resolves.

Assumings: (Rested): Study someone for at least ten minutes. After this with a successful awareness check you will be mistaken for them, unlikely as your appearance might dictate. This effect lasts for an hour and you can only assume one person at a time.

Level Titles:





“Try everything twice”

A little bit of everything is the sprinkler.

Lust for Life: Every time you try something new, exciting and unusual , you gain an awesome point . You can also pick up any job or trade quickly and can earn a basic wage anywhere.


You never have the concentration to master something. And your open mindedness can lead to an inability to make decisive actions.


Conversationalist.(constant) Your broad knowledge means you can engage just about anyone in conversation on something that interests them. Gain +2 on a Charm check if you can have a chance to strike up a friendlyish conversation

How Hard Can It Be?(rested) You can interact more or less adequately with something requiring specialist and/or obscure knowledge with no previous experience of anything like it.

Picked it Up Somewhere (rested) you can spend 3 awesome points to use a talent from any other guide. You may only do this once with that individual talent

Juggling. (Constant) Can juggle objects equal to ½ Daring without needing to roll. Also, +1 to hit

when throwing ranged weapons within the same arena.

Bagatelle: (Constant) You can do minor magic tricks , like make a small object appear and reappear on your person, small flashes of lights, levitate a small object with in reach etc.

Level Titles:


Men of Ill Repute

"the dead are honorable"

a warrior who is both a duelists and a gutterfighter. Think Fight Club for something similar to it’s philosophies and membership process. Higher level Men of Ill Repute will sometimes run informal schools (or “pits”) to pass on skills, but this guild has no on going commitments required by members, so they generally making their living via violence and however they can get paid with it.
No gender restrictions despite name, although the title “Man of Ill Repute” is still used no matter what gender.


Mayhem: you heal a wound per level when you start a fight. Also when you start a fight you can choose a consequence of the fight that you can shape it towards. Such as getting everyone arrested, the ship to start sinking, a fire to break out. This is both use of opportunities as well as magical luck manipulation.


You look beat to shit, have a bad way of attracting trouble and enjoy it too much for your own good.


Babes Dig Scars: (as per the Fighter talent "Armour of scars", but the +2 is for talking people into violence)

Exploit Weakness (as the fighter talent)

Rhythm & Distance. (Constant). Familiarity with all melee weaponry grants +3 arena bonus instead

of +2 for all weapons but Ranged.

Will Consider Anything: (Constant) As a focus action quickly improvised a weapon of any type (light, heavy etc) from the environment (you must describe what you are using, it can be something not obviously deadly, but in your hands..). IF you spend an awesome point its a free action.

Cheater. (Arena). On a successful Cunning vs. Awareness, switch a foe’s arena bonus to a penalty

until the foe takes a focused action to repair the cheat or switches tactics to get around it. (you must give a reason, flimsy or not, how you are going about this.

Level Titles:






Women of Nil Dispute

"death and secrets"

Killers and mind warpers , assassins of both mind and body. Like a challenge, collect achievements, not complete pychopaths but just appreciate the art of a kill . Despite the name , any gender can be a Woman of Nil Dispute.


Murderist: You inflict +1 damage with any weapon


Artistic temperament: If a fight seems routine or dull, it's hard for you not to resist making it more "interesting"


Daughter of The Slaughter: ( Arena). Impatience for sweet violence drives you forward, add Daring to a melee attack roll

Silent Death.( Arena). If undetected (or unsuspected) by a target, you can make that target dead by

rolling 1d10 and getting a number higher than the target’s wound boxes. Otherwise, the target is not

injured, and is now aware of you. APs cannot be spent on this roll. If used in combat, this takes a

focus action.

MindKiller (Arena). With complicated feints, misdirections, unusual attack angles and low level physic tampering means it easy for you to take an opponents advantage for your own. Always roll simultaneously with other attackers in the arena. Activate this talent to trade rolls with one of them.

Wordkiller (Arena) You can slice sounds out of existence. Your attack this round instead prevents any noise

being made by one source (a person and their equipment or similar grouping) being made

Tough (Constant) You can ignore the first wound in combat.

Level4:Ruinous Slattern
Level5:Bladed Lady

Children with Eye Teeth to Spare

"The world in our teeth"

conjurers whos power is stored in their toothy necklaces. They can summon creatures via the sowing of teeth, cast curses, and gain powers from gnawering on tooth. This witching stunts their growth and gives them the body of a wicked pickled child.


Dentalmancy: You sow teeth into the ground for a variety of weird potencys.. Also, upon leveling, you can use your Attribute point to buy a Dental Talent for your summoned minions. These are known as dentalings. Dentalings look like skeletal version of whatever the tooth was from , but with clusters and jags of broken grisly teeth sticking out of them. YOu are assumed to start with 1d10 common teeth and 1 uncommon. A Dentalalic or Dentalolist are also dentalings.


you are kinda fucking crazy and no-one likes you.

You also look like wickled pickled child.

Seriously, no-one likes you dude.


notes on tooth sowing.

Commitment controls dentalings. You can control 5 wounds of dentalings per Commitment rating at a time.

Any creature has 1d10 suitable teeth in its mouth (after removal)

Common teeth are those from a mundane human or boring mundane animal

Uncommon teeth are those from a cool mundane animal (like a bear or a rhino) or someone of merit

Rare teeth are those from a bad ass monster or a guild member of atleast level 3

Legendary teeth are those from someone of level 5 or a rare , terrible , beast.

TALENTS:(note Children of Too many Eye Teeth get to start with one talent from below and one talent from the Dental list, which is further below)

Up Dentaling! (arena). Focus action.Grow a number of dentalisngs up to you commitment rating. You will need to sew that amount of common teeth. . It lasts until the end of the situation (combat or encounter), but they are stupid and without initiative. You can spend one awesome point to give one dentaling a dental talent that you know. (assume as minions)

Serve Dentalalic! (arena). Focus action. Raise a dentalatic from a sewn uncommon tooth

it last until the end of the encounter and has minimal intelligence. You can assign it 1 known Dental Talent per Commitment

bonus, at the cost of 2 Awesome Points each. (assume stats as guard)

Behold Dentalotist!.(Rested). Growth takes 10 minutes per wound. Grow a Dentalotist from a rare tooth. It can have a number of

wounds equal to your Commitment x3. The monster can be granted up to 1 Death Talent per your


ToothGrinder: (arena) you devour one of your collected teeth and can give your self one dental talent that you know until the end of the encounter.

Bone Truth: (Rested). Focus action. You can twist the skein of fate so that one thing that you say will come

to pass—maybe not the way you think, but somehow it will come true. There must be a condition,

however; some way that the curse can be broken. You declare want you cursing, how it can be broken. The d.m then decides how expensive that is. I.e what value tooth it is (common , uncommon, rare, or legendary) or how much permanent wound damage the curse inflicts on the curser (1 to 4, as equivalent to the teeth values above)

You then declare how much wounds you are permanently taking (from 1 to 4) or what tooth you are offering. If it is less than what the d.m has secretly decided, you take the damage/lose the tooth and the curse fails.

Other wise it works, BUT if the scope of the curse is too big, or the effect too awful, then the curse will somehow rebound and while you get what you want it will lead to your sorrow and the destruction of your own hopes

Examples of common/1 wound curses: Cannot speak for a month, will be hurt in the next battle, lose their sense of taste, plagued by dreams for a month

Uncommon/2 wound curses: Anything they state with sincerity will always been taking as its opposite meaning, a field will not grow anything for a year, a new born child will sicken and die, whenever you draw your weapon it must be used to hurt to its full extent or it will break the next time it is used

Rare/3 wound curses: Blinded, rendered infertile, will always trust the untrustworthy and mistrust the trustworthy, forever plagued by nightmares

Legendary/4 wound curses: A region is rendered infertile, a family line is cursed to always die young, you will somehow be the cause of your lovers death, if you stay in one place more than a night plague will blossom, you cannot draw substances from food or drink but only from one secret thing.

Dental Talents:

o Compelled to Answer. Rested. The dentaling will answer 1 question per the raising necromancer’s

Commitment. It can only lie if it beats the Child's Commitment with its Cunning roll,

generally at no bonus. It can only answer questions that the tooth’s owner knew in life. It can answer

questions for 1 day per the raising Child’s Commitment.

o Disguised. Constant. Appears to be alive, if distracted and withdrawn. An Awareness test in the same

arena, or at -2 from an adjacent arena, identifies the ruse.

o Life Drainer. Arena. Focus action. If it gnaws at or punctures and drains or uses some other method

to pull life out of a target, the target loses 2 wounds and the dentaling gains 1.

o Mighty. Constant. Counts as +2 to Brawn, and does +1 wound in combat.

o Paralyzer. Arena. If it touches a target with a hand or appendage, not a weapon, the target must test

Commitment or be immobilized for about a minute, unconscious and vulnerable.

o Rest. Rested. It can lay down and pretend to be dead, activating at a signal from the controller or

when some set condition is met. If it rests more than an hour, all wounds are healed.

o Stench. Constant. Those in melee range must pass a Commitment test at -2 or be -2 on all rolls while

in proximity, and for a minute afterwards.

o Terrifying. Arena. Its horror is unveiled for a moment, and all living beings in the arena must test

Commitment or flee.

o Tough. Constant. It can ignore the first wound dealt by any attack.

o Weaponized. Constant. Choose one appropriate weapon type, and the undead is either armed with a

weapon of that type or is physically modified to function as though armed with such a weapon.

Level Titles:

level 1: Nipper

level 2:Bone orphan

level3: Resurrectionist

level 4:Gnarled Prince

level 5: Vorelord

Oh and here is some more complicated rules for Drinklers for any vaguely ad&d system

MAGNUM OPUS:Your body is a laboratory, a temple, a brothel, a kitchen and a battle ground. Anything you drink, other than water, instead evokes strange reactions.
You can open throat scull up to 3 litres in one go. Lets say that's about 20 cups.
Roll a 1d12 whenever you drink something other than water. This includes things that are hazardous like poison, but not instantly hazardous like boiling lead or acid. (although at higher levels you get resistances to such hazards). Water no longer counts as water if it has more than 5% of something added to it, unless that thing has a noticeable effect on biological stuff. So water with a drop of poison would need a roll on the table, but water with a drop of lemon juice would not. A glass of water with a tenth of juice in it would however.

Once you roll the table, this is how your body reacts to that fluid until you sleep, eat, or drink something else.
1-2: does exactly what it would normally would do.
3:Roll on whatever mutation table you have handy. Can I suggest ? Has a one in 100 chance of being permanent. Otherwise lasts a hour per cup drunk. Effect is once off this fluid today.
4:nausea, -1 to all rolls for a hour per cup of drunk fluid.
5: heal 1d4 hit points /per level one time only for this fluid today.
6: Hallucinations: as confusion spell, effect lasts one round per cup drunk
7:No effect, counts as water for refreshment purposes
8:+1 to a random stat, for an hour per cup drunk. one time only for this fluid in this day
9: You immediately need to projectile vomit. This is a ranged touch attack to someone or thing with 5 metres. It does 1d4 acid damage. You can make a con check to hold it in. Success means you take 1d10 damage from physical strain and internal burns.
10:Reverse the effect of liquid . Any effects with a duration lasts one round per cup drunk. If the d.m can’t think of how this would apply, liquid counts as harmless
11.50/50 chance of either slow or hasted. Effect lasts for 2 rounds per cup drunk.
12:Con save or take 1d4 damage per level per cup drunk.. Success means half damage.

Things get far , far more interesting if the drinkler drinks two or more fluids simultaneously or in quick succession
you can handle up to 2 fluids +1 per 3 levels mixed either quickly before drinking or simitanously poured into your throat. Handled in this case means the effects of your Drinkler powers applys to that amount of types of fluids, if there is more types than you can handle , randomly determine which ones are part of the reaction and which ones are resolved as a solo fluid.
For each toxic fluid roll a d4, for each gross but not necessary a serious threat to health (like off milk) roll a 1d6, and for anything else roll a 1d8 (benign). Body fluids are generally gross but if you get into an argument about what counts as gross or not to drink (milk for example), rule that gross is anything that would be difficult to scull a litre of on a empty stomach. Beer counts as benign though.
Anyway roll these dice.and if you get (effects stack, and a die result can count in more than one category, but not in the same category, so if you rolled a 2,3,2,4,2 a two would count in the straight, and the triple, but not a double and a triple)
double ones: The most dangerous liquid effects you as normally (ie someone not a drinkler drinks it ) the rest are ignored, unless activated by the rest of the results you roll
triple ones: All liquids effect you as normally they would. If you are not drinking anything toxic, one random liquid counts as a poison inflicting nausea and d10 damage or 1d6 damage on a successful save
quadtruple ones (or more): All liquids affect you as normally, in addition make a con check for each of the following conditions , failing each means you are affected by that condition for 2 rounds per point of failed save (asleep, nauseous, confused, stunned, paralyzed, slowed, weakened)
straights are having numbers in sequence, ala poker hands, ie like rolling a 2,3,4
straight 2 : choose a 1st level spell to duplicate.
straight 3:choose a 2nd level spell to duplicate
straight 4: choose a 3rd level spell to duplicate
straight 5:: choose a 4th level spell to duplicate
doubles:choose a first level spell that affects you , and randomly determine one that affects someone else within 10 feet. Choose target before rolling spell.
triples:as above but 2nd level spells
quadruples: as above but 3rd level spells
double pair: choose a first level spell, maximize all random results, like damage, and -2 to enemy saves
full house:as above but 4th level spell

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