Tuesday 4 December 2012

Plot generator from Planet Best Ever plus MERMAID and HIPPOCAMPUS

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF  Greetings candy people and domestic house foxes!
I am slowly making plans to clean this here blog up and include delicious paypal buttons for shopping.
Because nearly every monster to date is for sale. I need to not live in Dunedin, and some upgrades via Thailand and  a bunch of other stuff which requires money.
Will go into detail in another post, comment or email me if you would like more information sooner. They will be about 50 or 60 new zealand dollars each. Trades considered.

Joey did this :


and he was like oh you guys should do one as well, so
Monster Johnston did one (but only using a d12 entries you will note)

and then I did one (below)
and then I combined them all into one automated random generator here:


This is the one I made originally for ZLASHDANCER:you got to zing to win

Roll a d20 for each blank space on the table below to complete the sentence, or just roll one d2p and use that result:

A ___ ___ who is ___ and ___ is ___ in ___.

One: A ___ ....

1 gun-clad nun
2 wizard powered car
3 towering stick man
4 plumb fruit being
5 disgraced librarian
6 cack-handed cultist
7 marauding stripper
8 sewn up puppy
9 scheming gorilla tyrant
10 space bastard
11 dying ninja
12 high school degenerate
13 Unicorn cyborg
14 Doctor of Philosophy
15 Evil Horse
16.Failed musician
17.Nuclear Golem
18.Ballet dancer/assassin
19. Haunted goose
20. Hunky drifter
Two:  who is _

1.Drunk and disorderly
2.Pathetic and clingy
3.Hulking and giggly
4.Degenerate and ripe
5.Tormented and medicated
6.Insect infested and loathsome
7.Manic and delusional
8.Writhing and sonorous
9.Adorable and malicious
10.Polite and filth encrusted
11.Sassy and scantly clad
12.Fierce and self-destructive
13.Driven and unheeding
14.Reckless and deceptive
15.Ancient and wily
16.Furious and heavily armed
17.Cursed and burning
18.Completely useless
19. Jumped on space heroin

Three: ......and___

1.holding all the cards in a game with no rules
2.too old for this shit
3.plotting bloody ruin on baristas across the globe
4.in league with hollow earth toad gods
5.cursed with visons of the end of the world
6.a world class poisoner, capable of poisoning abstract concepts
7.unlucky in love
8.emitting gamma radiation
9.cruelly policing the cities ghosts
10.stealing diamonds
11.weaponizing the museum
12.ritually murdering children's television presenters
13.tattooed with a map
14.crawling with spies
15.heavily invested in this book deal
16.fighting a volcano
17.riding a spectral juggernaut
18.locked inside a small chest
19.stealing plans for a super weapon
20.taking the break up really hard

1.about to deal the deadly final hand from a stacked deck
2.interviewing assistants
3.getting lost in the sewer
4.drinking like only a wizard can drink in a aquarium themed bar
5.making a dangerous alliance  with cunning robot dinosaurs
6.applying for funding
7.destroying the gruesome evidence in a candy factory
8.contesting the will
9.summoning the god of lonely things
10.building a vast drill
11.obscuring the moons terrible secret
12.about to betray the only one they truly love
13.concealing a dwarf on their person
14.lobotomizing a cat
15.sick of playing second string
16.risking it all
17.replacing brains with cans and cans with brains
18.fermenting revolt amongst the appliances
19.provoking dangerous spirits
20.challenging their nemesis to a final duel

Five: ...is ___ in...

1.a wager with death itself
2.a everyday common place upside down flying castle
3.a barren undercity
4.the days of the black sun
5.preparation for a show down with the Master of Wheels
6.hope of escaping alien justice
7.underwater Cairo
8.a hotel composed of entirely of crocodile bones and insects
9.mass producing minor demons
10.desperate mission for a misfit angel
11.the maze of rotting eyes
12.league with the double dead ghosts
13. a series of implausible murders
14. a flaming house
15.the trojan horse
16.a bloody druid sacrificial altar
17.a bygone age
18.the set of action cop karate force film
19 Elysium fields
20. the final resting place of Kurt Cobain

Six: ...in ___.

1.stakes for the very nature of reality itself!
2.a sharkwomen invested lagoon
3.a rocking party
4.the battle of the bands super final!
5.the inside of a massive cloud hive
6.a alien space fortress
7.the antimoon
8.fevered delirium
9.a fatal momentary lapse of judgement
10.a valley of fire and motorcycletaurs
11.a poorly concealed curse pyramid
13.the neighborhood abandoned explosives and unstable chemicals factory
14.the Private Idaho
15.Willy Wonka chocolate factory
16.inside the mind of a dead television star
17.the set of the fresh prince of bel air
18.a blazing oil rig
19.a entombed ice breaker
20.an endless skyscraper

So a chain of sweet happenings.
Anyone everyone has already posted about this I'm just including it so there is something game related to bulk up this post in addition to the photos of lastest creations:

(maybe more later, blogger is making noises about storage problems, not sure if legit or not)


  1. Scrap Princess, you have the best posts. But sometimes I wish you would post more awesome stuff, because right now I just want to read more plotstuff.

    So I have flagrantly copied you. It looks like this:


    1. well you can keep refreshing that abulafia link , endless combinations etc. But thanks!

  2. I totally did not know that you were a fellow New Zealander!

    1. yeah Oteputi yo, castle town, little Edinburgh, Dunedin