Saturday 14 March 2020

Image Response Ping Pong 6

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF  We are now in round 6 of Image Response Ping Pong ,

the kickstarter for GIANTLY IMPROVED DEEP CARBON OBSERVATORY is still ticking on , so there's your opportunity to get your print copy , otherwise wait until a point of sale can be found for them..
We have neaaarly settled on some minor stretch goals to extra-fancy the book. Nothing to do with increasing the writing or picturing because we reckon we got exactly the right amount of both.

 Patrick has responded and offered me this:

It is of course an ancestral urn,(or is meant to appear as)  used to contain the ashes of greatfathers and mothers and placed in a quiet room , so one may pray for guidance.

The hinging doors however reveal the real use, a escape portal for a member of the Horizon Society ,the decentralized wizards college.

However the sigil marks not a safe portal but one in which the ethereal tunnels from it are fraying.
The magics of the portal detect the damage and show the sigil as warning, let the user be aware.

To enter such a portal would risk predation, dimensional flinging, spectral marooning and soul-polyps.

The tunnels might be one of the rare ones that will be visited by a ChainOfArms, a centipedal nercomantic creation whose creation and useage was one of the many outrages that the unregulated magical studies of the Horizon Society inflicted on both common and rare society.

The remaining ChainOfArms work themselves to ruin , scrittering along the ethereal tunnels , finger-kniting the rips and holes they find.

The now firmly centralized Institution of Ethereal Affairs has firmly and severely banned any research surround the creation of them , including even dissectations  of one. Even being in possession of any part of one requires several permits and invites far attention from the Institution than is normally healthy.



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