Thursday, 24 September 2020

The Fantasy HighTech Cocktail

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 So I saw the trailer for FF16 (or FFXVI) .

It looks like they are rushing out a new Final Fantasy using the engine for the remake of ff7 and heavily drawing inspiration from Dark Souls and Game of Thrones hoping to hit the zeitgeist in doing so.

But it got me thinking about Final Fantasys mix of fantasy and high tech and Lo! made the following table. It makes most sense being a straight d6 and read across table, but you have the option of doing a split result table and trying to draw it all together

 EDIT: I had a table here pasted from google drive and it shat itself . It was okay in reader viewer, but I've crudely converted it to a .jpg below and give you the link to see it as a google drive document here:


  1. Number 1 turned out a lot like FFX , not intentional , peeps shouldn't stress themselves trying to work out if the others match a Final Fantasy too

  2. God, very fucking interesting. High tech being inevitably haunted in post apoc is super cool, as are 3-Magic, 5-High tech, 5-Twist, and 6-High Tech

  3. 3-Monsters really put me in a mind of "monsters" that are still just mutated animals that farmers might rally together and kill, and "Monsters" that will just end the whole town in a night. I feel like there needs to be more of this sort of thing in other settings.