Monday, 26 September 2011


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Balor! Here are some concept drawings I did firstly. Pit fiends are pretty damn similar to balor, excepting the signature weapons of the balor, they are both big winging lizardy/gargoyle things.
I wanted this balor to have a regal look of utter rage and contempt, but it came out a lot more bestial and ... sleazy? Still looks like its wearing the big hat in the family, and that's the main thing.
Was gonna give him a crown, but couldn't get it to look not like a party hat. Hellboy has given me a vast appreciation for the medieval illustrative (actually or not) habit of putting crown on every god damn thing.
I did not bother taken a close up photo of it but just so you know I decided to give the balor a cunt as a change from monster cock.
His cunt is a subtle but malign thing, like a glacier of petrol and fish hooks.


  1. But Balor was a Fomorian giant, definitely male (check out the legend to see why) with a single "evil eye" that could fire some sort of beam that killed people.... So methinks he should have a giant cock, not a vagina. Pretty darn cool monster you've made here though!

    1. This Balor was the Balrog with the g dropped for copyright reasons or something, aka demon type VI

      Also check Orcus , Brownie and Glaberzu in the list of fabric monsters top left.

      Also a laser vagina sounds perfectly legit to me

  2. Very cool! But Balor was a Fomorian Giant (in Ireland) with a single "evil eye" with which he could kill people, and he was definitely male (see the legend - wiki search "Balor"); so he should have a giant cock, not a giant vagina. But excellent monster you have made here!