Saturday, 10 September 2011


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF I took those photos better.

There I took the photos better. I am unemployed again. Its at that great stage of "hooray I don't have to smell that kitchen ever again" and not yet at that "ah fuck how am I gonna pay rent?" stage.
I'm moving some stuff into my new studio which I now pay rent for on tuesday. So bad  timing.
My plan is to start selling t shirts again in the high traffic alley way outside my studio.
I also do paintings and screen-printings on t-shirts
here is some example there-of;

The studio will be for more of this as well as the totem-y junk assemblage kludgerism that I like to make and pat myself on the back and feel all like artistic and shit. Might put some photos of that up sometime.
At the moment my favorite thing to do is to make lots of these, and the pile them up in the shed, and let them remain unseen except by red backs, who happily move right in. Art and poison. Winning combination.
Also tarps. They love tarps. Leave a tarp outside for a length of time and always seems to have a red back living on it.

Truly there is still magic in this vale of tears....


  1. your sense of humour could create 'life', considering it seems to have a winning combination of elements.

    is that sting picture a sort of self referential thing?

  2. as in bio-male drag? yes and no, in a sense.. in that picture he could have managed to avoid the drag and hit the tranny nucleus