Thursday, 8 September 2011


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Huh? huh?  Rodney Dangerfield? That dude from Natural born killers, Dune and Caddyshack? Always plays some kinda molester that's morbid obese and can fly?
How did I do for resemblance?
The singlet reads "you don't have to be chaotic evil to work here, but it helps!!!!"
Yes that was the best I could do.
.The body is pretty much a sock stuffed with lump fabric. It looks like great, as in horrible.
I'll take some better photos tomorrow or something and show off all the winning touches.
(or sloppy  creative execution embraced as a style feature)

Also when I was making the nalfeshnee I went for black fabric for the face. Then gave it like a flattened nose and gaping red lips.and then realized my mistake.
Like Tin tin in the Congo hideous  racial caricature  kinda mistake. So yeah, no

1 comment:

  1. each one gets more and more deRangeD. i love this one.