Sunday, 9 October 2011

Review of the New Death

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF So  James from asked me to review his ebook The New Death and Others , and I have done this thing, I have gazed upon the squirming words and have judged  there merit; It Pleases Me!
I don't know if have ever reviewed anything, other than in complain about movie/tvbook/music loudly at people kinda way , before , so here goes something:
Like its a bit of a blunderbuss discharge, ie hitting a range of style and subject matter, and mostly is the clever-punch-line-at-the-end kinda malarkey. There is some truly awful puns which might be  a pro or a con depending on your taste.
Particular high lights for me was the title story (it was cute and made me bare my teeth in a positive social gesture)  and How the Isle of Cats Got Its Name, which is ripe for harvesting for game material.
 How the Isle of Cats Got Its Name shows a real knack for gems of fantasy imagery and would totally be a direction to concentrate on if the author was in to taking advice from those who have blogs and failed high school.
That could be because my sense of humor doesn't mesh completely with the authors and so the humor pieces left me mostly luke warm and the poetry I never developed a taste for.
Overall I would say its worth a read, there's some good stuff in there, maybe the writings a tad rough at times but yeah its good.

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  1. new death,sounds like something that would happen to you every day.