Saturday, 29 October 2011


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Done! My camera has finally died, which is kinda good, because it means I'll finally replace it. The curse of the not quite broken tool being more useless than the fully broken tool, because you stop using the fully broken tool.
Anyway, so I finding this guy punishing , and accidentally made a mummy, which I will upload, but not now, the camera has the photos has a big ass data card that don't fit in any computer, and the mummy is at home, and I'm at my friends at this is a boring storybnrountbbimrtbimr

So the movie Holy Mountain? There is scene here which was my inspiration
(at 6.30)

If you haven't scene this movie, it is a hilarious piece of psychotropic satirical batshitness / metaphysical exploration.
It is a great example of how absurdity, profoundness and sublime hilarity can blur like regenerating hasted cats fighting in a blender.

Yes Dispater is described as a red dude with horns. Also some  kind of underworld/fertility/crop god before that, which is a interesting take on an underworld figure with themes of death fertilizing life, etc. My information is coming straight from wiki so I wouldn't bother paraphrasing here. Seems like most of the unholy devil lords out of the bible was just other peoples gods with big coating of slander.
Anyway photos;

Mummy photos later...
Oh here is some stills from holy mountain
This is such a good movie.

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