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THE WORLD HAS ENDED Changeling , Freak, Golem

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Here's the remaining 3 archetypes for the WORLd has ended. For the sake of completion more than anything. I might run it if I was looking for a game to play at short notice, and I'll more the likely use this archetype to stat up npcs for MORE BETTER HAIR: the secret is you
Changelings can look like normal humans, but when they use their powers there fey heritage shows.
Weakness to iron. Iron weapons do another 3 points of damage to you and always do atleast 1 wound. You cannot use your powers if you are in contact with iron
+1 cha +1 awareness +2 fortune
Powers 15
dodge 13
violence 12
Speed is normal

Choose 1 hertiage and 3 sorcery portfolios.
Troll blood:
You a big and beefy or twisted and knotted like cord wood. +2 st  +2 con. When you fey nature becomes visable, you turn blue, or grow fangs and claws, or double over.
Urdine /mermaid:;
aquatic, +2 cha, speed is very fast in water.

black annis
iron hard skin and long claws , 3 points armour +3 str, str+3 natural attack

red cap
+2 hit and damage on your first attack, no weakness to iron
+3 ref , you may disable or sabotage a mechanical device you are left alone with. You may  spend fortune to destroy a mechainical device used to attack you before the attack resolves

can swim at very fast in water, drowning touch: make a successful attack, instead of doing damage, they being to drown, until they can bet your outcome+will with con opposed roll

+4 fortune. Your fortune score is not reduced by spending fortune points for the purposes of fortune checks

+4 str +4 con

select one effect from the Sand Sorcery schtick to use as a power,
+1 int

Can fly at swift. +2 dex. Select one effect from the weather sorcery portfolio to use as power, if you have that portfiolio +3 to your Power when using  that effect

+1 awareness

+1 con, +1 int, increase Power action trait by 1 when using sorcery schticks

+3 cha
select one effect from the influence sorcery schtick to use as power  if you have that portfolio +3 to your Power when using  that effect

+2 str +2 con +1 ref

 Sorcery Portfolios:

Luck :

Pox: A successful Powers opposed roll makes the target lose a fortune point.

Jinx: A successful Powers opposed roll means that next time the target spends a fortune point, the fortune die is negative rather than positive. The target is unaware that this power has been used on them.

What a condwicky dink:
Spent a fortune point to find an object that you really need (but is not like a super rare super thing) in an inlikely place

Sucks to be you:
When someone has a negative die, you may make Powers opposed roll to give them an additional negative die.

Pushing your luck:
You may use 2 points of your Powers score to gain another fortune dice in any check. The Powers action trait is reduced after resolving the roll

Make a powers roll vs 12, success means you can spend one of your fortune die on someone elses roll.

+ select any from following list
(includes franksteins, clay , stone, clockwork men, atomic robots)
Str +6 Con +8 ref -2 , dex -2 cha -2 -1 awareness, +2 will
Do not suffer impairment due to wounds, or pain
Immune to poisons and diseases , even super poisons and super diseases
Violence 15
powers 12
dodge 10

Choose 3 powers:
A Brute of brutes
add another +2 to str and con

Unbreaking stride:
reroll any failed will check once

Tainted Power source:
anyone spending a scene in close promixity with you suffers 5 wounds of damage that can only be healed by magic.

elementally linked
Choose a element, double your con to reduce damage from it

Sundering Voice
Shout at unanimate object. It now has a hardness score of zero.

Titanic Force:
Double your strength score for the purposes of lifting or pushing something.

Dread Certainity:
Your fortune is zero. You may not increase it. No one may use fortune points  within 30 metres of you. 

as werewolf

as werewolf:

Magic resistant
Resist any magic attack with your highest action trait.

Strength of the earth
your strength is 2 points higher while you are in contact with the land.


Horrible mutants, puking masses, gibbering wreck

stats are rolled using instead of 8 d6 assign one die per stat, you instead roll 4d4, and 4d8



dodge: 13

Select 4 powers

secret friends:

you are infected with friendly parasites. You may consult them for advice, allowing you to reroll a intelligence or awareness check. 

tumour circus  :

Anyone striking you in melee must make a dex check vs the outcome of the attack or take twice that in damage from rupturing a number of acid / poison/ fanged tumours.

foul spew :

As supernatural creature in feng shui

freakish trait +2 to a stat of your choice, you can get this more than once, but cannot spend get it twice on the same stat

bone saw (as body weaponary but +1 more damage)

devour (as  were wolf , but can survive incredibly toxic stuff)


-1 dex , your con is 5 points higher for the purposes of making deathchecks
You do not suffer impairment from pain, but at the start of any scene make a dex check or have accidently suffer 5 wounds from accidents before hand.

acid blast

powers attack, inflicts damage = randomly determined stat at creation +3

Utility slime:

Secrete a weird goo, that hardens into ropes, webs, etc. 

Extra heads:

+1 int  and awareness per extra head. You may get this power choice more than once.


shoot out horrible poison spines at someone. Powers attack inflicts 6 damage, and must con check or take additonal wounds = to the amount the failed the check.

Powers attack with horrible radiation fire. Does damage = your current wound total -10.

In a hour you may grow and birth a smaller version of your self. Take wounds up to your con. The minime has a violence score = to that. Their stats are = to yours-2. They count as an unarmed character. You may have more than one at a time. If you eat them you heal the wounds you suffered birthing them, and gain any memories they had while alive. THey are under your complete contril.

carpet of limbs:
You have like hundreds of tiny limbs. YOur speed is very fast.

You may swell up with inner gases and become lighter than air. You can fart around at normal speed.

as werewolf


Eat a fresh body to heal wounds= its con score

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