Wednesday 4 April 2012

THE WORLD HAS ENDED a DaintyCannon hack of world of darkness part1

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF SO brain , I type this up and we can stop thinking about it okay?
DOn't make me come in there.
Okay so I made a comment about running WoD like a dungeon game because I think it is funny to do the exact opposite of what someone has intended with something. I'm actually pretty obvious like that.
Anyway I'm gonna type this up and forget it ever happened.

So this is a campaign setting for Pretty Soldier Sailor Half Brick : My eyes are bleeding too so I see with my Heart

The World Has Ended.

Apocalypse apparently comes from some greek words meaning "lifting the veil". Armageddon was referring to a patch of dirt somewhere.  Ragnarök meant "the fate of the ruling powers" or the twilight of the  gods in a poem somewhere. Which sounds a tad more rock and roll, but a drunk said it better "when the musics over turn out the lights"
Aztecs? MAyans? you want in on this? Oh look they had a serial going on ...

Nahui-Ocelotl (Jaguar Sun) - Inhabitants were giants who were devoured by jaguars.

 The world was destroyed.

Nahui-Ehécatl (Wind Sun) - Inhabitants were transformed into monkeys.

This world was destroyed by hurricanes.

Nahui-Quiahuitl (Rain Sun) - Inhabitants were destroyed by rain of fire.
 Only birds survived

Nahui-Atl (Water Sun) - This world was flooded turning the inhabitants into fish.

A couple escaped but were transformed into dogs.

Nahui-Ollin (Earthquake Sun) - We are the inhabitants of this world. This world will be destroyed by earthquakes (or one large earthquake).

So it's been done before they said.

It wasn't an earthquake. The world just stopped making sense one day. An imprecise thing, an unravelling , the subjective rose up and ate objective reality in one bite.
A bunch of people stopped going to work. The trains did not run on time. People walked out of their lives and did not come back.
There was talk about an unraveling, the unseen danger of recursive stacking of self aware matter, the Probability bomb , or the GhostDance, or just reality got tired, science snapped one day, or the physical laws of cause and effect actually drift like foam on a wave.

And you, in the corners, of the darkness, emerged.
Vampires and Werewolves, doomed ghosts and fey orphans. The stage lights went off the house ones went on , and boy did you guys look stupid standing there to all those empty seats.

Sure the City is still there just like it was you think. Climb the empire state building and see the Eiffel tower  and the Rhodes colossus  . Turn left at central park to get to the Amazon jungle. Its all still there just like in all the photographs. Some people say that it was not like  that and the maps said different back Before the End but no one really knows what a map is. The best guess was it was some kind of trained bird.

Humans are still driving around suburban and working in the mines and chasing carnvirous couches through the AKEA savanna. Chernoybal glows from the bottom of the grand canyon and the glowing russians drink with the bears. You crawl from out from soft places of monster land and raid the human world for meat and treasure. Riches in plastic and glass. The High Court Judge Vampire of The Capitalist lands gives his decrees from his throne of the finest dvd players, the frost giants war with the FatMans elves and Gun Ho commandos trying and stop you looting their room.

 Screed aside,
THe WOrld has ended, has players being citizens of Monsterland, an umbra land that overlaps the HumanLand. Monsters forage into its daylight to seek power and glory amongst it's unfavorable magics, all the better to proof their worth back home.

Basically the world we know now exists as fractured realm, with mythos banal and ancient alike crashing around the remaining humans .

One idea to run it would be as a hex crawl, (see tables below), but upon entering a blank hex, you, the dm, should roll a d6. On a 1 or 2, fill that blank hex in on the map (with whatever you roll). Otherwise leave the hex blank, meaning roll again for content when the p.cs leave and return.
If you wanted to do it as limited run campaign , having the characters be group of people grouped together, all innately sensing they are on the some pilgrimage . The pilgrimage being to the endless serpent who can be seen at the Other end of the world,  curling in the sky, eating the stars one by one. The endless serpent can grant them purpose, oblivion, or incarnate them to some other time where they can make sense.
You could do this by having a giant hex map, leaving everything blank but marking where the Other side of the world was.
Here's some tables to generate hex content:
1 Brutal landscape
2 intense wilderness
3 Ruins
4 Eerie but seemingly empty plains
5 small settlement
6 partially ruined city
7 A scene out of time!
8 Hey! its that place!
9 roll twice
10 roll thrice

brutal landscapes!
1 A vast plain with crusted black masses, that threat to break, dropping you in the boiling caustic substances below. Horrible mists gush up sporadic , causing guilt-wracking hallucinations. Also beware the flamingo of great twisted size and cruelty
2 forest, the trees are burned black, polished to a gloss, and the branches tapering to spikes. Countless armies are impaled here, including their horses and dogs. Atleast half these soldiers and their beasts are undying and struggling to kill everything in reach, especially the soldiers of differing armies
3 A desert of smooth grey river stones. most are size of your head, but some! some are the size of a fine house! beware the winds here, for they can whip up to speeds great enough to send the greatest of boulders tumbling and bouncing like the flimsiest of paper cups! Sometimes these hellwinds only effect the boulders, and also on occausion everything but the boulders.
4 Obsedian mountain range, with goat-baffling trails leading through them. Waterfalls of liquid nitrogen pore in various sizes along here, and caverns lead to mirror mazes where you reflections emerge as hateful alters of your self, and try to murder you in death.
5. A foul grey blog, with mud that threatens to suck you down , like a horse in a really sad scene in a kids movie. Islands here reveal themselves to be asshole turtles that fuck you around with their bullshit, and harpys shit worms on your heads.
6 A frozen lake, the ice clear enough to see angry drowned people beating on the ice's underside. Making eye contact angrys them enough to mold themselves together into a mammoth like form break through the ice and kill you so much. Ice formations like knife sex are scattered around here, near invisible and bastard sharp.

Intense wilderness:
1 Superjungle! like skull island in king kong! bugs are huge! everything fights everything! dinosaur killing centipedes! cracks leading to horrible subterranean realms like this
2 WInding canyons with forest growing sideways along the walls. Flash flood threat! every hour roll a d6, on 1 flash flood with all kinds of city detrius pushed along with it.
3. Mangroves with waving sea anemones instead of trees, and squid-gibbons (squibbons) flipping through the trees
4.A snow covered forest, with everburning churchs and wolves than eat distance
5 The bottom of the ocean, but theres no water but the fish don't notice, swimming around and leering at you in the air.
6 a dreary scottish grassy fen, with wickermen and pylons. 1-2 the wicker man (or pylon) is empty 2-4 is full -5-6 is full and on fire

Eerie plains:
1 a lake of frozen blood
2 huge level rubbish dump
3 Icebergs, upright nuclear submarines, radioactive ghosts
4 Supermall devoid of people and ceilings
5 a desert of childrens skulls
6 a vast carpark with human shadows burned on to the concrete

note for human occupied hexes
you can roll on this table to see what mental state they are in:
1 The are acting like nothing is wrong, and will constant deny or rationalize anything that deviants from the pathetically play acting that is their attempts at normality
2 They are acting like nothing is wrong, but that's because it has not been brought sufficiently to their attention yet . When it has roll again on this table
3 They are aware that shit is fucked to shit, but they are making a go of it and managed to scrap out an existence and are hopefully and pragmatic for the future
4. they have become fixated on some batshit explanation and solution to the worlds ending, and are now dangerously fanatically
5 They are completely not dealing with it on any level. A mixture of mania , rage, catatonia , weeping and suicides.
6. Roll twice and then use a percentage die to determine the ratio of the population that is effected by both rolls

1 A commune
2 a dig side and base camp for archaeologists/ grave robbers/ scavengers
3 a military outpost
4 a series of farms
5 a trading post
6 shanty town/refugee camp/hobo camp

1. A horrid labyrinth of highways, cloverleafs, turnpikes , overpasses and under passes. Stalked by  carnivorous cars , who will eat each other and you
2 Frozen in mid shock wave, so cars are fixed tumbling in the air, people forever as a partial cloud of blood, buildings curved and bowing
3. Molten, twisted and sucked upward, then set like that.
4. Flooded, full of dinosaurs
5 half entombed in a glacier. Yetis
6 Just abandoned, like everyone has vanished 1-2 5 months ago, 3-4 seconds ago 5-6 100 years ago

the occupants being
1 Full of fighting factions and gangs
2 making absurd and grandiose repairs and plans. Heaps pathetic
3 Doing okay!
4 Giant party! woooo! there is no tommorrow!
5 bunkered in one area and fortified there , paranoid as bro.
6. A little of this a little of than, roll twice

1 cave people burying one their leaders
2 Woodstock is happening!
3 greek market place with philosophers arguing and togas
4 Jousting tournament with knights and merry peasants
5 Egyptians building a pyramid
6 Victorians on bicycle picnic

1: Chernobyl
2: the Eiffel  tower
3: the grand canyon
4: Bluff, New Zealand specifically this place
5: The statue of liberty
6: great wall of china
7: stone henge
8: roll again, but make a horrible mirror world version of the place

The archetypes :


or some other kind of freaky turn into beast form and eat faces , dude.
You choose either wolf or human as your base form. That form you can spend as long as you like as. Make a will check to turn into any other of your forms. Do it in steps, ( but only if time is important) so will check to turn from human to big hairy human, next round will check to turn into halfwolf etc.
Any form other than your base form you can spend a hour per point of willpower before you have to spend  the same amount of time back in your base form.
On a full moon however you can spend as long as you like in any form.

stat mods: human +1 str +1con +1 awareness
big hairy human +2 str +2 con +2 awareness
halfwolf +4str +4con +3 awareness -2 int, cha claw or bite str+3 speed is swift
Dire wolf +3 str +3 con +4 awareness -3 int, cha  speed is swift
Wolf +2 str +2 con +4 awareness -3int -2cha bite str+2 speed is swift

After resolving damage and wounds and any death checks, heal 5 wounds instantly unless from fire, weird juju, silver , acid or other excessive and horrid type.

dodge is 13
violence 15

Choose 3 Powers:
Big Bastard: you are from some kind of barbarian type stock , like celts or vikings or something. Add +1str and con

Scavenger: you are at home in the cites, you can totally track, forage , and hide here like a dirty ghost. Make an awareness check to find pretty much anything you need in the trash.

Furious Exploder: YOu can launch your claws off like bolts from a crossbow, you use your Powers score to attack and it does dex+2 damage

Winters Maw: you are like down with them cannibal winter spirits. If the weather is kind of  crappy , you can make it snow and be awful. Roll a will check, the higher the outcome the more cold you make it.

Spit of The Moon: your claws and teeth become like silver, in the sense that you now do an additional 5 damage to werewolf's that they can't regenerate. You also cannot use you healing abilities when you have activate this power.

Devour: eat something non-moving the same size as you, unless it is hell toxic or dangerous, you suffer no ill effects from doing so. In additional your bit attack now does str+4 damage instead of str+2

True Scent: make an awareness check to smell out the details of a targets day. Also can make awareness  checks to detect lies, but subtract their will power from your awareness score before you make the check.

Bound: With a standing jump you can easily make it on to the roof of a single story building.

Howl of Doom: howl at the start of combat, opposed check of your will ys everyone else's. Anyone ones will check you beat suffers 1 impairment for a number of rounds= to the outcome

RockChewer: ignore 6 points of hardness from an animate object

Red Haze: Unnamed characters go down on an outcome of 3 or more from attacks by you

Bezerk: you may choose to go berserk. Ignore any pain or mental related impairment, add 2 to your damage and subtract 2 from any Action trait used defensively. You must make a successfully will check to before you can do anything other than attack the nearest person. If you succeed in 3 will checks in a row your bezerk ends, and cannot be used again for the scene. You can choose to end your bezerk of your own choose with a will check at -2.

Werebear: you are not a were wolf but a were bear!   This uses 2 of your power choices, use the stat bonuses for werewolf but add a further +2 to str and con

WereJaguar : this cost one power choice, modify the werewolf stat bonuses by -1 to con, but +2 to dec and ref in all your forms. Your jaguarman and
 dire jaguar forms  have Very fast speed

WereSpider: uses one power choice. do not use werewolf attribute modifiers , instead yours are
human, +1 awareness, +1 dex and ref.
Human with various spider bits growing out of it, +1 str +1 awareness +1 dex and ref.
Some hideous giant spider thing with human bits like a drider or whatever +2str/con/ref/awareness +1dex  A spider the size of a dog , as human with extra bits, but +2 awareness
A swarm of spiders: no applicable str score, may only be damaged by effects targeting an area
If you suffer damage in spider swarm to give you impairment, when you return to another form , reduce your mental stats by the amount of the impairment for about a week.
Also poison bite, bitten person must make a con check. If they fail gain wounds = to the amount they failed
Web: you can do rope web things. OR shoot it at people, with your Powers score, does not damage but reduces dex and ref by outcome, lasts until they spent a round reducing it by their str or dex score.
Speed in the giant spider and drider forms is swift

Were rat: uses one power choice , gain scavenger and rock chewer as well, but stats are
human +1 ref +1 awareness
ratman +1 str, con +3 ref, awareness, +2 dex
dire rat :as above
rat:-3 str, con +3 dex, awareness, reflexes
Speed in all forms is swift

Weresaurian: this uses 2 power choices
human: no mod
lizardman:+2str, 4 points of armor
Horrible composite dinosaur situation thats like all the spikes and teeth and horns and shit form
+8 strength, +8 con, -1 ref, -4 dex, 8 points of armour, natural weapons do strength plus +5, lower dodge by 4, increase violence by 2. Attack with Powers score with a fire breath, does 12 damage, can attack up to 3 people standing close to each other with no penalty.
Speed is swift in for Horrible composite dinosaur situation thats like all the spikes and teeth and horns and shit form.


violence 13
powers 13
dodge 13
vampires are swift

Direct sunlight does 5 wounds per round of exposure.  Overcast or partial cover means you take 1 wound a round. You may not heal these wound until you have spend 12 hours in torpor.
Torpor is your spooky undead sleep. You can do it any sealed dark chamber, or by burying into the ground. It is a deep deep sleep and you will only awaken if you take significant damage from it, or the time has passed that you have declared you will sleep. You heal all wounds after 6 hours of torpor.

can spend blood to increase stats
you can store blood points up to your twice your dex score, because dex is not getting used enough and fuck you thats why.
Blood can be exchange 2 for 1 point of stat gain if it is to last an act, or 1 for 1 if its is to last an action.
You can spend 1 blood point to heal 5 wounds.
You may regain Blood points by blood sucking . You get blood points from an individual = to there fortune score -2 if drink them dry, otherwise one point.
You can only drink blood if the individual is helpless. You use up one blood point per day. If you reach zero blood points, you have until your willpower in days to get some or you will fall into torpor until blood is spilled near you.

choose 3 powers:
improved blood tank:
you can store 2 point of blood per power choice spent on this. This extra blood is stored in some growth like a foot long nose, a distorted stomach , a hunch or hump, or big twisty sheep horns.

You can choke up a half metre bone spike which you can stab into people. It does a str+2 damage and gives you a blood point the first time you successfully attack someone with it.

choose bat , wolf or some other spooky animal. You can turn into that when either you want. You speed is very fast in that form. Gain +4 points total to whatever relevant stats you think.

mind control
 If you have eye contact with someone you can make a will or cha opposed check vs the victims will. Outcome of 2 or 3 means they lose this action this round because they are going arghaa get out of my head, 4-5 means they will obey one simple  command of yours that they can easily accomplish (like drop that sword, run away etc) 6-7 means they will obey instructions from you but unwillingly for one round per point of outcome 8-9 means they will obey instructions from you and think it's their idea, for a minute per point of outcome 10+ as previous but the next sunrise
body weapons
You can make you hands into giant talons, or big massive spiked bone spheres, or rib out your ribs and use them as weapons. Pick one, it does str+4 damage
flesh shaping
you can shape someone's flesh like putty. If used in combat its an attack that always does 5 wounds , and you can reduce a physical stat of your choice by 1 for every 4 points of outcome.
(effects last until sunrise/sunset). Against someone willing or helpless you can heal up to 10 wounds, over 3 rounds. Also against someone helpless you can shape there body how you see fit.

wall crawler
you can climb on the ceiling on smoothish walls. Dex check if you are under attack. Perfectly smooth wall /ceilings, no.

in bad lighting conditions, opponents must make an awareness check to direct attacks at you.
If someone is not looking for you the are not going to find you. If you are actively trying to remain hidden (and not like, trying to smash the guy) the searcher makes a opposed awareness check against yours.

you can fly at normal speed. If you get this again, swift, then very fast, etc.
Dark entries
 you can just show up indoors without explanation for how you got in.
children of the night
 nocturnal creatures are friendly to you. You can communicate with them and with a cha roll, they will do favours for you.

Dark Knowing
Choose one sorcery effect from either mummy or channeling sorcery portfolios

violence 13
dodge 12
powers 15
+1 int , +1 con
mummys speed is normal
Choose 2 powers and 1 sorcery portfolio
make a powers attack , success does int damage and the fail their next physical stat check (that effect does not stack)
Internal swarm (bees, snakes, scarabs, scorpions)
you  internals full of horrors. You can vomit them forth , as a powers attack, they do con+2 damage, and may boost this damage by 1 for every wound you choose to take
 summon a horrible sandstorm, it does 12 damage against anyone within 20 metres of you, and takes out unarmed characters on 1-2-3 on d6
Rotting Fist:
 physical attacks by you always do atleast one wound (on fleshy guys anyway), and require a con check or suffer one point of impairment. this can stack.
Vile Humours:
you are full of poison, anyone biting you takes 5 wounds. You may attack a poison spit, it does con+4 damage, use your violence
Gaze of Decay:
powers attack does 7 wounds

Sorcery portfolios
Sun: effects include:
Arise : glow like the sun, acts like daylight for weaknesses, anyone trying to look at you without protection suffers -1 to rolls against you
Eclipse , you make it dark
Shadow play : you can manipulate shadows
haste, +3 to ref +1dodge last rounds=outcome
slow -3 ref -1 dodge lasts rounds = to outcome
age powers roll against dc 10 , outcome is X 100 years how much an animate object ages
sift: dc 5 , tell what a destroyed object was
reap: powers attack , damage is outcome, randomly assigned to physical stats. Lasts one round per outcome

Counter magic
Fertility (feng shui rule book)
Symmoning ("")
weather ("")


  1. ... Interesting. I'm a bit sad the clans and tribes don't show up, but I can understand why. And, on the upside, the good Tzimisce stuff is still there .D

    But the important question is:

    WHERE THE FUCK BE THE MAGES!?!? They're the best part of WoD!

    1. Yeah I kinda gave up trying to digest the tower of WoD lore to be able to write about the tribes/clans . I was gonna condense them down to a sawn off , choose this power and you are a member of this clan, but it was too dull and not worth the effort. It's sawn version of wOd in the sense that I sawed a bunch of stuff off, and then went fuck it, and played with the sawdust instead.

      Mages: well, I was just going to use the wanton witch archetype from SORROW OF FASHION:darkness battle. Because fuck it , they are humans that cast spells.
      Also , not really a classic monster.
      And I can't really remember anything from Mage worth patching in. Like there was techno wizards, and some spiritual guys and some blow things up dudes? Dunno , give me a run down of what you think is awesome if you want, and I might patch it in

    2. So Scrap what you are saying is "Jason when you get the time scan the Mage books for anything decent and write another WTF is in this book blog post. From there I will completely file shit off to the point of it being unrecognizable from a copyright standpoint and there you have your mages."

    3. ....yes? But blame that reverent mort guy!

    4. What is awesome about mages?

      The magic system is freeform and the (Old) World of Darkness doesn't suck for them. Why? Because it's a consensus reality and consensus changes.

      Also seriously the magic system is freeform!

      You can transform yourself into an infectious dream!

      You can infect people with the anxieties of a hypochondriac made viral and they will die out of diseases like fuck.

      You can make a spell that turns anger into gold!

      How about shoving a mansion into a closet? DONE!

    5. The feng shui mechanics I've being building off already have a simple free form, it's definitely not like as metaphysical as the mage system though.
      I guess I have no idea how the mage magic system would work after the reality collapse that's the setting for THe World HAs ended. MAge seems so much about like how far can you push reality before it
      ANd in this world, reality is actually just flat out falling apart.
      So it.. it could be interesting actually trying to flip Mage around and have it so your spells can do anything but too much and reality collaspes , like the opposite of paradox backlash. Like a dream when you know it's a dream and it becomes lucid, but if you become too aware it's a dream then you completely wake up. Only in this case, you are actually the dream as well.
      Okay so I do actually have some ideas on how it would work, but it would require some grace to do it well, um.. don't think I'll get around to doing it anytime soon, but you definitely got me thinking about it, cheers!

    6. I always blame Mort and his infernal Rainbow Wizard.

  2. Reading this is like watching some surrealistic montage: strange but oddly compelling, with flashes of brilliance :)

  3. You should so a voodoo witch thing. You know like Calypso from Pirates of the Carribean. Obeah, Jamaican, African. Mexican day of the dead witchy shit. Like turning your fingers into leprous snakes, floating on water and throwing swarms of bees. Swamp zombies ya' know?