Saturday, 3 June 2017


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Because sunken loss fallacy  I love you all , I got this new scheme to keep them posts coming even though even though all my energy to make ideas coherent is being swept away into mystery holes (there is never any shortage of ideas, just the ability to focus on them on enough to get them out) , I ask people to tell me something I can talk about in 3 paragraphs 

(the other limited resource I have is the ability to restrain an idea from exploding into all directions until it's impossible to get out of my head spiritually like a fractal dog dick anchor hence this distinction)

Arnold K said "Go through the monster manual, look at each entry, and talk about what the opposite of each is."
he also said "Ape the style of another writer/blogger/celebrity" hence the blog title

So here it goes:

Aerial servant :
Alluvium Anarch: 
It's mass of cracks , discolouration , and textures that looks like nothing until , gestalt switch style, it sudden does, a howling fist face, a scowl , bestial messes. Maybe when they make elementals power golems and purge all the resentment and disobedience it winds being one these. They hate people rebuilding things, taking too long making plans in ruins, and have an entropy field as well as explosion fists.

Mason Squid: 
Endless making weird tube structures like Gaudi works. The songs produced by winds blowing across them tends to make weird animal migrations 

-Ant, giant- 
Miniphant. Adorable! 

Rumoured starfish. 
It's a starfish that grants wishes which everyone things they have heard someone find but is imprecise just where

Axe beak
Not a wolf, but a flying predatory maw with trailing hooked tails . It's also overly aggressive and unpredictable though 

Secret Men :
Small constructions of fearful children that protect them, as best as they can with their meagre abilitys

A  wheel of fingers , a servant and diplomat. Patronizing and gross.

A boneless toad, you can throw them it's gross.

A useless flying oaf

FleshCow: something that could look like a cow if you had never seen a cow and had only had one described to you by people that you hated listening to. It licks you into amorphous plasiticity 

Bear, Beaver, giant , Beetle, giant :
I'm getting sick of doing animals already , I'm combining all these into hideous chitin dam builder and the making it's opposite
Sickly Planter:
A snail that slime-grapples it's way around roof tops planting alien trees  . It's either a vandal, an artist, a terraformer ,rogue machine or some combination there of.
Arnaldo Pomodoro

The picture above, it's trying to dismantle everything so it can transport it to a better world. No-ones found the rebuilder though. Each side dismantles a different thing: Past, Mind, Mass, Properties, Potential, Context 

Black pudding
White Gas:
It's the mist that knocked everyone out (and up ) at the start of Village of The Damned

Blink dog
Mass Panther:
If you kept traumatizing a child with cats of a variety of sizes and then got them some crayons and paper , this is what they would draw. They can increase their gravity so trying to run away from them is like that nightmare most people have where they try to run but horrible impaired

except they can sew and they are field medics but also can sew eyes and mouths up if provoked or underpayed or insulted by being asked to sew up boring injurys

Brain mole:
Like a reverse voltron certain groups of people have limbs and muscles that sneak off at night and form one nuggety bastard and cruelly act like a cartoon bully challenging people to fights and pushing carts over. It will keep coming back unless the people that form its mass are found and murdered or separated by great distance


Bird hat

Drumming Spider Man. 

A happy whale tattoo that swims from skin to skin. Looks small but its far away. If you get its attention it will swim up close filling up the whole persons skin with the massive whale face. Knows a lot of things from it's journeys but is so good natured that it misinterprets everything far too positively.

Camel, wild
Polyps that you wear like gloves that have eyes on their/your fingers and let you see 30 seconds ago

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