Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ditto and what is up with the princess in castle town

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Yeah I got's  a umberhulk nearly done , and another flail snail dice bag nearly done, and am getting a tad busy for Goo fest in weekend, which is a Dunedin DIY arts/music/whatevs festival, and is mostly unrelated to other meanings of goo fest I have found on the net.
I'm running a couple of workshops at it. One one knot tying, the other on punching people in the throat with a tube of mascara and running away self defense.
Also showing some of the creatures I been making, playing some music and properly some other stuff I have forgotten. Oh yep making more patches for goo fest and some for me to sell at the art market that's also part of it. ANd there's an exhibition at the house/gallery
Oh and I got a tooth removed! It was awesome! I recommend it to everyone! The local anesthetic did not even hurt much, and the dentist had to really rip that fucker out, I could feel it grinding against the jaw bone and stuff, and he was straining and twisting away. Next time I want a mirror on the ceiling so I can see what's going on!
Here's the posters. I drew them and other people did the text bits
The first game of flux engine got played, Jez Gordon played, John White played (of mestar) and Christine , a german tourist staying at the house, who had never played before and was vague on what the hell roleplaying actually was. Chrissy picked it up like a champion though, and I was impressed to see as a rogue in her first game she was already hording stuff she found and not telling other party members what she found. Excellent!
It was hella interesting seeing what the homebrew system played like; actually it did not matter much because I found myself only loosely using it, and more just making up shit on the fly.
It's funny have spend a fair chuck of time thinking about how stuff is going to work, and finding in actually play that I just roll a d6 and 1-3 yes the elephant does not stay around to finish you off.
Also? Writing up a whole island to discover 2 random encounters , character generation and diving for treasure use up a hella lot of time.
Nearly had one player death due to a pygmy stilt elephant, an encounter I thought was going to be just a bit of colour. THe player I thought least likely to kill everything he saw promptly charged it and started wailing on it. Everyone preceded to roll rubbish, the elephant used the elephancidal player as shield inbetween stabbing him with tusks but Jez (playing a mutant Hunter s thompson based on a duran duran song) dragged his ass away and the elephant ran away.
Other thoughts, I can now see why Zak loves just roll under stat checks rather than vs d.c's. Well no wait I can see why I love it and can presume he has his own more sinister reasons  .
My reasons are : even if you have a good roll of thumb d.c list (d.c 5 is trivial, d.c 20 is bastard hard d.c10 is a passenger aircraft) it's annoying to think of the number, rather than just go, yeah roll stat check. I'm not even considering a detailed table of modifiers ala pathfinder.
And.. something with trying to keep track of what the increasing numbers of skills actually relate to in real world effect is kinda wonky.
MAy be there's a D&d with porn stars post that explains it.
Anyway I got 2 other variant home brew systems which I'm now keen to test out, The Blue rose enhanced for max fun overloaded system  , which uses roll under stat checks with an exploding d6 and has stat numbers a lot closer linked to the punching people numbers than Flux Engine which is has these kinda arbitrary set numbers to attack with, eg attacking someone with a sword is your brawl which for a starting rogue is 12 plus the dice roll, and blah blah I'll go into some other time when I convinced myself it's deeply fascinating. The   80s princess mayhem: Pretty fight down system has pretty much feng shui system with all the dumb filed off.
It's actually really insightful having 3 homebrew systems running side by side. Like grey hounds with master segrees in economics and spraycans for feet.

So other peeps are doing hey this art rules its what I like roleplay head feed with make merry time hallelujah hallelujah Johnny bottle of rum bottle of rum.
  okay lots was screen grabs look art there too


  1. You enjoyed having your tooth ripped out?!?!?

    I had one taken out last year, and it took a while and they kept sticking more stuff in to numb it; plus I want into shock afterwards.

    Me and dentists do not go together. Eww.

    On another note: I love elephants. And I like the idea of pygmy stilt elephants. I would like one as a pet, but alas, I am not allowed :(

    1. Elephants rule so much. The pygmy stilt elephant had legs that were 2 metres long with the body the size of a baby elephant with adult proportions. In retrospect making it the size of cat would be so cute that I would die.
      Yes I did enjoy it, I mean not directly like a nice massage, its just cool experiencing your body in this way which just exposes the meatness of it. Like if you ever got a really bad cut and the layer of fat is exposed and it smells like dog food.

      I can't stop thinking about pygmy elephants right now.

  2. Play Report for ya.


  3. I want my players to face a stilt-walking elephant now...