Saturday, 18 February 2012


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The exhibition opening was last night, I have photos and all but have misplaced the camera like a fool.
It was only a small selection of creatures, and some other stuff.
From a friends suggestion I did some loose sketches and blew the up to a1 and stuck them behind the monsters so they did not get lost against the walls.
The posters are popular and I am printing off a bunch more to sell. Maybe gonna be the only thing that sells?
also drew on the catalogue size comparison pictures of the monsters . I'll scan that and put that up later.
Anyway I'll find that rascally camera soon and y'all can see it all for yourselves.

Camera found, enjoy!


  1. Aah this is brilliant, if only such mad crafts skills were being applied to DnD monsters across the pond in Melbourne!

  2. ha , I was just living in Melbourne and have decided to relocate to dunedin

  3. I had missed the Cerebral Parasite, he's so innocent looking for a mind devourer.

    The weretiger caption is awesome

  4. .. I want a tiny fabric beholder!

    Though I believe my puppy may venture to earn XP and rags as loot.

    Awesome concept and would love to see more.


    -Brook Tracey (Loonook)

    1. hey the bottom beholder in the photo is totally for sale, yours for 40$ special post exhibition price. Or do you want a new one, that's like stupidly cute and small? like a 3cm/an inch across? I could put tabasco sauce in it to hopefully deter the puppy ?

  5. The dragon poster is so dead-on. Really like all the posters, actually.

    1. I can print you off a copy if you like for like 10 + postage (n.z moneysss)?