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The mulplicity of being in planescape

Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF Being rejiggering the character creation stuff.  Here is the race stuff.
Tried to make each race feel unique , and sheered off as "much +1 to a thing" abilities as I could. Also tried to keep each races abilities strictly to the core of the race and not worry too much about if dwarves are better or worse than halflings at picking locks etc.

Class notes in next post. I'm still in the air about how to treat thief skills.
Ratatosk are giant squirrels from Yggdrasil.  Muggin are crows with arms and wings.
Ghuls are half dead people and ragdolls are fabric people with human organs. That should explain everything.

character creation for planescape/redlands version 3.2324

3d6 assign as you go.
modifiers as 3rd ,

2-3 (-4)
4-5 (-3),
6-7 (-2)

Stat modifiers are applied mostly the same:

Strength adds to hit and damage for melee weapons and some thrown weapons
Dexterity adds to armour class, and to hit with deft weapons (both thrown and melee)
Constitution adds to hit points
Wisdom adds to hit rolls with projectile weapons and sorcerer spells known and quota.
Intelligence adds to spells known and quota for wizards and is added to the 3d6 you roll (before multiplying by 10) to determine starting gold (along with your charisma modifier)
Charisma add the modifier to the 3d6 you roll (before multiplying by 10) (along with the intelligence modifier) to determine starting gold. For clerics its added to your spells quota
Spells Known:
For wizards they will have their intelligence modifer (minimum of one) written in their spell books +2 randomly selected. To successfully understand a spell they have copied in their spell book requires an intelligence check modifed by the spells level. They can try once per spell per level.
Sorcerers will have 1+wisdom modifer (if this is zero or negative they get one randomly choosen spell instead) known to them.
Clerics will have available to them all the cleric spells of two of their god's domains.

Spells quota:
Means how many spells you can cast before needing a recharge. You recharge your quota as you would hitpoints, ie with a short rest.  Wizards also need to spend a minute per level of spell memorizing each spell. Sorcerers pick their spells as they cast them
Start with: 1+relevant stat modifier 1st level. If this would give less than zero or less you get one spell but have to roll to get it to work.
Roll an exploding d6 subtract the level and apply the stat modifer
If it's postive the spell works.
If it's zero it comes out mutated.
If less than zero nothing happens, the spell is not wasted you can try again..
(Spell Failure  from 52 page rule book (Link)
1: Spell has no effect and is used up
2: Spell target chosen at random from possible targets (if cast at place, random direction and distance from caster)
3:Spell cast, caster stunned a number of rounds= spell level
4:Different spell known by caster cast (even if already cast)
5:Random spell of same level not known by caster is cast
6:GM adds or changes 1 word in spell effects (or rolls on a different spell mishap table)

Concentrating means while as such you can attack,or do full move instead of attack and move. Out of combat any stat checks fumble on 18,19,20.
Bulk: adds on to strength and con where size and weight would matter (including carrying capcity). Adds directly onto damage. For every 2 points you get 1 point of damage resistence. Every 1 is about one half as big as the last. (human  (0)-> bug bear(1) -> ogre (2)-> something bigger than ogre but smaller than an elephant(3), elephant (4).
If you have bulk 1 you take up as much space as 2 people on the battle field for getting in each others way purposes( only one of you could fight comfatable in a 5 foot tunnel for example)
Sturdy is like bulk, but does not give damage resistence , but does add on strength and con for saving throws and opposed checks.
Gangly is like bulk but only for the purpose of taking up room.
Small: adds to armour class, subtracts from damage.
Reroll <stat>: means reroll that stat and choose either result.
Advantage/Disadvantage: I was using the mechanic from D&D next without realizing it, now that I do , I'm just going to use the name of it to. Basically means roll twice pick best (or worst in the case of disadvantage)
Choose race:

Aasimar: Celestial (count as such for spells and effects), Unforgettable (for better or worse people always remember your face), Armoured in Life (reroll one save per session) Idealistic (if you are trying to disguise your motives you do not receive your Drive exp). Reroll charisma or con

Bariaur: Natural weapons (head butt as club), canter (move is 16 rather than 12), gangly (bulk 1 for when it's inconvenient for you), orneriness (if you turn down a challenge you do not receive your Drive exp)

Elf: sylvan : low light vision (as a cat), feral (one free reroll per session in the environment of your upbringing, roll must somehow relate to environment, includes combat), passions! (Choose from anger, empathy, joy, curiosity. If an opportunity comes up to follow your passion and you do not take it, you do not get your drive exp) , Rustic (you have Disadvantage when it comes to technical or city stuff) reroll dex or wis

     high : Low light vision, passions! (Choose from anger, empathy, joy, curiosity. If an opportunity comes up to follow your passion and you do not take it, you do not get your drive exp), reroll dex or int

     drow: infravision (120 feet) , wyrdling (pick three 0 level spells you can naturally cast. You have a quota of 3), photosensitivity (disadvantage to all rolls in bright light), paranoid (you cannot rest around anyone you don't truely trust or have complete power over) reroll dex or int

     outlander: Feral,  Stride (move is 14 instead of 12), fuck head, (disadvantage any rolls to do with getting trusting or making a good impression) reroll dex or con

Dwarf: generic: Sturdy (bulk 1 for resisting stuff and carrying stuff), infravision (60 feet), stoneken (advantage with any rolls to do with understanding stone or stonework), slow (move is 10 rather than 12), swim like a rock (you can't swim and sink like you are made from rock),vertigo (you have disadvantage around heights (above ground) reroll str or con

         derro: infravision (120 feet), wyrdling(pick three 0 level spells you can naturally cast. You have a quota of 3), batshit (You have advantage against mental effects including social . if you a 1 on any stat check resisting a mental effect the intiator is effected by it instead), photosensitivity (disadvantage to all rolls in bright light) reroll , con or int

         duergar: infravision (120 feet), black lung (advantage against smoke or air born toxins) , photosensitivity (disadvantage to all rolls in bright light),  Sturdy (bulk 1 for resisting stuff and carrying stuff), , bitter hearts (advantage against any emotion effects) reroll con or str

         clay: inorganic (but still eats and and breathes), heavy, cold/heat resistance (2), natural armour (4), numb (disadvantage in sense based tasks) reroll con or str. Reroll dex and take the new roll if worse.

Earth: may have 3 faces like weird stone idols or some other earth type creature thing. Heavy builds, and or grey skin. Protruding angular bones. damage resistance against physical attacks 1 , +2 per die damage from falls.
Fire: Veins appear to burn underneath skin or  appear like ash or coal with beards or hair like (or in some cases actually) thick smoke that bursts into flame when they are angry or excited fire resistance 5, use up twice the amount of oxygen a human of their size would. Means can only hold breathe   for half as long
Water: Marbled eel skin, rows and rows of evil fish teeth, fish or octopus eyes, frills, gills, body seems to ripple and flow. Can breathe underwater, must drink 3 times as much as a human of their size, and suffering deprivation damage accordingly.
Air: hair moves slowly as if in wind, small sylph   wings, clouds are seen in eyes weight a tenth of what they should, take fall damage only after 100 feet Feeble (you count as having 3 strength for the purpose of encumbrence)
Salt: Skin cracked like a river bed in a long drought, eyes shriveled up to little sullen raisins , hair    bleached white or very pale. inherent: any liquids ingested or injected (helpful or harmful) are half as effective                                
Ash: Grey skin, sunken in look , mouth cavity always pitch black, teeth like coal, any deprivation damage is halved (round down, minimum of one), you have no sense of taste (food/drink wise) or smell.
Dust:Skin like sandstone, raspy voices, sweat dust, hair falls out all the time, grows back and breaks down real fast.  When anyone with 20 feet of you rolls a 1 on a d20 you get to choose a mundane object that breaks (within 20 feet). If you roll a 1 , in addition to the normal results of a fumble, something on your person breaks (randomly determined)       
Vacuum: cracks in skin lets show a void that seems to suck at the light. Eyes pour out darkness. Always seem quieter around them. All rolls to do with hearing things within 10 feet are at a Disadvantage.

Ooze: Always looks wet and sick. Eyes leak weird fluids, weird rubbery boneless movements. If you are effected by a poison,gas, spore or slime, you heal 1d4 hitpoints. If you fail the save the effects last twice as long but anyone you touch must safe or be effect as per the original effect

Ice: Look like you froze to death. d.r 5 vs cold. If you take damage from fire or heat you must make a con sav or be confused for one round per point that you failed the save.

Smoke: Burnt black lips, glowing eyes, dark or grey hair that moves slowly like smoke Not effected by gas or smokes. Take twice as much deprivation damage.

Magma: Flowing movements, no outlines of bones, light shines out of mouth and eyes.  4 fire resistance, but suffering 5 or more points of cold damage , or suffering stat damage from exposure acts like a slow spell on you until the damage is healed.

Mineral: Hair like spun silver or gold, eyes like gemstones, quartz shimmers in skin .lucky, can reroll one dice each day, but 1d6X100 g.p worth of precious metals and gems can be retrieved from your corpse, and this is widely known.

Steam: skin seethes and ripples, little vents open up releasing little puffs of steam. Always wet look. Can make an Obscuring Mist effect once before needing recovery, drink twice as much as regular human, any metal on your person rusts steadly unless constant oiled and polished.

Lightning: Eyes crackle with lightning, sparks play along skin. HAir stands up like near a telsa coil 5 damage resistance vs lightning, but any electrical attack coming within 10 feet of you has 1 in 3 chance of arcing into you instead of its original target. If you are the target for an electrical attack there is a 1 in 3 chance it will arc to someone else randomly within its normal range, and effect them as well as you.
Radiance: Coloured light pulse from under skin depending on mood. Its like light has been jammed under your skin. YOur   hair is freaking rainbow. Always producing light, like that of a light spell.

Goblinoid: goblin (small 1), scavenger (you advantage on any rolls to do with scavenging), fuckhead (disadvantage any rolls to do with getting trusting or making a good impression) infravision 60 feet reroll dex

                orc: garbage guts (advantage on resisting poison or disease from ingested materials, fuckhead (disadvantage any rolls to do with getting trusting or making a good impression), infravision 60 feet , reroll str or con

               bugbear:  big  (bulk 1) , fuckhead (disadvantage any rolls to do with getting trusting or making a good impression), infravision 60 feet,  reroll str or con

Githzerai: opportunities other face( you have advantage the next time you make a roll you just fumbled on), must change drive every session , reroll dex or wis

Ghul: semidead (undead for purposes of magic healing hurts you, undead effecting effects, but live because you still need to eat (rotten food only) , sleep and breath, plastic form (if you have access to fresh corpse and half an hour per point, you can modify any physical stat, your move, or armour class. You must lower another stat(s) by a totally of  2 for the first point, 4 for the 2nd , 8 for the 3rd. 3 points is the limit.)

Halfling: short (small 1), low light vision, lucky(one free reroll each session), slow (10 rather than 12) reroll dex or cha

Human:Unattuned (you have to concentrate to not resist desired magic effects. IF you do not concentrate you have to make a save as you would hostile magics. Once under the effects of a spell you do not have to keep concentrating), reroll two stats.

Muggin (crow): flight (you can fly if unencumbered for 2 rounds per point of con), feeble( you have 3 strength for the purposes of encumbrance) , scavenger (you have advantage when it comes to rolls to do with scavenging )

Modron(rogue): orthodox (you neither crit nor fumble), heavy, numb(disadvantage when it comes to sense based rolls), inorganic (need no breath, or eat), hardpoints (lower dex by 2 and spent exp = half the item original cost to build something directly onto you. If it require ammunition before you now generate 30 of it per day depend) , natural armour (4)

Ratatosk: rustic (disadvantage when it comes to anything technical or city related), feral (one free reroll per session in the environment of your upbringing, roll must somehow relate to environment, includes combat)), bat shit climbing (you move your full move when climbing), small (1), reroll dex, pretty much broke (start with one mundane item and one basic weapon and no gold)

Ragdoll: boneless (you may count as small 3 for attempting to fit in somewhere), feeble (your strength is 3 for the purposes of encumbrance), strange healing (must have access to needle and thread +fabric to heal) reroll dex

Tiefling: tainted (roll 3 mutation pick 2), fiendish, wyrdling(pick three 0 level spells you can naturally cast. You have a quota of 3), moody (you must Concentrate if you are angry or feeling spiteful and wish to not act upon it)

Thri Kreen: Rustic, natural armour (2), natural weapons , Gangly (bulk 1 for the purpose of getting in the way of stuff), Bug mind (disadvantage on all rolls to do with understanding other people) reroll dex or strength, Broke (start with one basic weapon and that's it)

Lizard folk: natural weapons (claws and teeth as dagger), armour(2), rustic (disadvantage when it comes to anything technical or city related) , aquatic, slow metabolism (you are at disadvantage to all rolls an hour after you wake), bulk (1), pretty much broke (start with basic weapon and one mundane item) reroll strength



  1. I really like your philosophy for ethnicities. I'm meant to be stating different races for a Pathfinder game I'm starting at uni and I'm like so torn like ugh Pathfinder has such a fucking terrible system for doing that stuff like ugh I'm not sure what I'm gonna do I'm really tempted to just use my AD&D books for this game i don't know. this is pooks from tumblr btw hi

    1. HI
      just use what you wanna and lose what you don't. If the players don't like it they can g.m their own game