Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Print Friendly Version of this pagePrint Get a PDF version of this webpagePDF So I after some comment conversation ping pong with Matt Kish, slaadi got mentioned, and I'm like "I love them, but blue, green, red as types? Te yawn bro, whadda bout "fizzing, bleached, desiccated, verminous and radiant" types?
and he's like oh I see you words and then I raise you some crazier words like  bleeding, mellifluous, prismatic, quantophrenic, spumescent and slangrel!
And I'm like damn! Them some words! ANd then I'm like I'll race yah to draw them all"
And I HAVE WON BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO hahah except all the other stuff I meant to be doing.
Radiant Slaadi
Radiant Slaad burn things. The things they have been know to burn include such things as bone, rock, ice, clouds, thought, and time.
Bleached Slaadi
Warped and loathsome, vomiting forth horrible sticky clumps of caustic tar, but also strange collectors and arch conversationalists
dessicated slaadi
These hollow, husk like Slaadi blow in on the wind, and begin to farm. Churning the earth with horrible black combs, they will plant whatever they fancy; paintings, skulls, castles, coins and chickens for example. This is a worrying habit, but not as worrying what grows from this absurd agriculture.
melliflous slaadi
Melliflous slaad can talk the hind legs off a horse. Literally.
prismatic slaadi
Obsidian lurkers possessing darting tongues that thief the colour from you. To lose your hues of red is to lose your courage. The loss of orange is the loss of social ties. Yellow is joy. Green is deception and imagination, blue is reflection and hesitation, indigo magic, and violet language. To lose all hue is to cease to exist and to have never existed.
slangrel slaadi
Slangrel slaadi are hunters that can follow you anywhere with the taste of your blood, fold themselves up  the tiniest of nook, and find shortcuts between points nearly entirely unrelated in space .
quantophrenic slaadi
The quantophrenic slaadi are famous for idlers and knowledge brokers, and for weaving little puppets of the,selves out of whispers and rumour.
spumescent slaadi
Their giggling is horrible, their oily sparkly hide nigh invulnerable, the spumescent slaadi gluttonous oily things climbing down your chimney to eat the soot. Although far less pugilistic than most slaadi, they suddenly take umbrage at a slight or breach of manners and become murderously violent, cramming the source of their rage into any nearby containers with great rubbery strength.
bleeding slaadi
  Bleeding Slaadi are great floating bags of translucence jelly swallowing things like a drunk evil whale. The jelly that coats you inside its maw continues to drain your blood even after escape. If this jelly drinks too much of your blood it thinks it's you,  which , while unnerving , confuses scrying and searching magics directed at you.
verminous slaadi
Small flying thieves of ears.
fizzing slaadi
Energy broils from the pale skin of fizzing slaadi like lightning boiling mud. Often found atop hills screaming at thunder clouds as a prelude to fighting or mating... with the thundercloud.


  1. You have made me love Slaadi. I will now use every last one of these. Brilliant.

    1. @richard
      and thus your border town slides closer to limbo. My comrade will be pleased

  2. Great ideas and awesome art to back it up, this is good shit.

  3. Phantasmagorically awesome.

  4. @forrest
    yay. Violent frogs for everyone

  5. Just chiming in with another round of hallelujahs. Brilliant stuff, I just love the combination of art + ideas.

  6. Never...and I mean NEVER have I been happier to have my ass so thoroughly kicked and to be a total loser in some contest. These are fucking REMARKABLE! I expected great great things of you, and you exceeded those expectations a zillion times over. I'm almost afraid to make my own slaadi now since you seem to have created what's the final word on the dear frogs. But I'm gonna try. It'll take me a bit, but I'm gonna try. Shit, these are so good!

  7. I'd also like to offer my praise for these awesome creations (spend it wisely).

    But seriously these are amazing, and I have just the place for them.

  8. I really enjoy slaadi. One of my longest-played NPCs was a blue slaad named Logan. At least that's what he told the party.

    1. The best thing about Slaadi is the chaotic neutral alignment translates into "whatever the d.m feels would be fun right now"
      I mean you can always like have motivations and plot for why the copper dragon is a marauder or why this demon just wants to have a chat but its nice to just be lazy sometimes and have something that needs no explanation. for any of its actions

  9. I like the Mellifluous Slaad the best.

  10. I was going to explain further about their powers and maybe have something were if you listen to them too much you become convinced that you are just a character in its storys and if it stops talking you will cease to exist. Maybe for realies maybe just delusion. But that one line too evocative to pad up I feel

  11. I think Slangrel and Spumescent Slaad are my favourites.

    These are such fun! I want to base a campaign around a Slaad.. invasion? Not invasion.. infestation, I think. They don't care enough about humans to invade, per se.

    I want my PCs earless and crammed into footlockers.

    I presume that if a Fizzing Slaad does manage to uhh.. overcome a thundercloud, the rain that pours from said cloud contains millions of Fizzing Slaadpoles, who proceed to Fizz each other and everything else in the area, until maybe a handful reach maturity.

    1. Slaadi as marauders is great, but there is grand potential as enforcers or string pullers.
      Like having them lucid and rational, but just when the players start to forget that they are dealing with a slaad, it does something that does not compute. Like going very far out of its way to kill everyone who the players have asked for directions, or breaking into the royal mint and putting subtle changes on the coins. The kicker being that maybe these things are requirements in some dark magic or a setup for an elaborate frame on the pcs.
      So the players could never just safely ignore anything that the slaad did. Which hopefully would make their brains hurt from paranoia.

      Fizzing slaadpoles is a great phrase and great idea.

    2. Bleached, Mellifluous and Quantophrenic Slaad certainly seem rational enough to scheme and manipulate.

      I love the idea of them Slaading out every now and again. Mid negotiation just screams, scoots up to and eats your cape. All of the rest start fighting over the sack that contains your coins.. just Fizzing and Slaading each other, coins skittering all over the floor.

      Sack is eaten, negotiation resumes. Coins and Slaad-Juice all over the place.